My skincare routine

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Ever since I watched one video about skincare I’m really obsessed with it. Before I never really used to do much about it. I just took off my makeup underneath the shower and used a moisturizer in the morning. Now I have several steps I go through every single evening to take off my makeup properly. In this article I will show you my favorite products to do so, and in which order I use them.

First of all, let’s go through the steps of my skincare routine. In the evening I go through the following steps:

1. Cleansing.
2. Face wash.
3. Facial scrub.
4. Eye makeup remover.
5. Toner.
Sometimes I do use a night time moisturizer, but not regularly because I have pretty oily skin and it doesn’t really need that much moisture. In the morning I do the following:

1. Cleanse.
2. Moisturizer.
3. Eye cream.
4. Serum.


As I mentioned before I start off my skincare routine with cleansing my face. I use The Body Shop’s Camomile cleansing oil for that. I used to be a little sceptical about cleansing oil, since I have oily skin, but this one doesn’t make my skin super oily or anything. It cleanses my skin very well, even my waterproof mascara is gone within less than a minute and I’m left with a super soft skin.

After cleansing my face I hop into the shower and start with washing my face using the Tea Tree foaming face wash. This face wash obviously contains tea tree, which helps getting rid of any pimpels and imperfections. I have to be honest and say that the smell isn’t the nicest one in the world, but this stuff does work. After using the face wash I wash my face with the Nivea Cleen Deeper scrub. This is a scrub which you can use on a daily basis. I use this product for years now and it just does it job, nothing special.


When I get out of the shower my skin is pretty clean. Even though it might be clean, I still feel like I need to use some eye makeup remover sometimes. Sometimes there is just a bit of mascara left, which makes your complexion look very greyish and dark. I like using the Garnier Express 2 in 1 eye makeup remover for that. This is one of those removers which has 2 layers. This is also an oil based product. As I mentioned before I have oily skin and this would normally be something I avoid. But this product doesn’t give you a greasy feeling at all. It is just a very powerfull eye makeup remover.

After that I use a toner by Nivea. The refreshing tonic. This is just a very basic tonic with a very nice smell. I use this tonic to get rid of the residue from my eye makeup remover. This is the final step I do in the evening. After this my skin feels insanely soft and is super clean.


Of course there are also some steps I go through in the morning. I forgot to take a picture of it, but before I use moisturizer, I use my Bioderma Micellar water. This stuff gets rid of the oils on my face. After that I start with using a moisturizer. I have two favorites. I sometimes use the La Roche-Posay Effeclar-duo moisturizer and sometimes the Vichy Normaderm. I like both of them equally. They don’t make my skin look and feel oily, but they do give it the moisture it needs. They do claim to make your skin matte, which I think isn’t really true. To be honest, I don’t think any moisturizer I tried really does that job well. It might work better for you, but for me it just doesn’t.

After using a moisturizer I use an eye cream by Yves Rocher. I use this because I have quite bad dark circles underneath my eyes. This product does help with that. They won’t dissapear or anything. They will only become less obvious. When you use a good concealer on top of it, they’re nicely covered.

My final step is a serum. I never really believed in serums, especially not for my skintype. I thought it was like a serum for your hair, just an oil. But one day I decided to buy this Tea Tree serum by The Body Shop. This serum is mattifying, and it actually really works. This serum does what lots of other products couldn’t do for me. Besides mattifying my skin it could also be used as a primer. I do like to use a seperate primer, but still, it’s a nice base for underneath your makeup.

That was my skincare routine. I hope you liked reading it and you learned something from it. Don’t hesitate leaving a comment telling me which skincare products are your absolute favorites!

11 thoughts on “My skincare routine

  1. Wauw, je hebt veel producten die je gebruikt! Ik ben vaak te lui om allerlei verschillende stappen te doen, hoewel het misschien wel beter zou zijn hihi


    • Haha, ik was ook altijd veel te lui hoor. Maar nu ik het toch doe weet ik wel hoe fijn het voelt als je huid echt compleet gereinigd is. Ik heb sinds dien ook eigenlijk geen puistjes meer gehad!


  2. Dankjewel voor je lieve reactie! 🙂
    Ik vind het ook belangrijk om mijn huid goed te verzorgen, zorg er altijd voor dat het schoon wordt met een tonic en daarna een lekkere creme.


    • I do know that oily skin needs moisture too, but I do not think a night time moisturizer is an absolute must like a day time one. When I use it i actually wake up with more oil on my skin than when I don’t.


  3. Leuk artikel! Ik gebruik ‘s avonds enkel een reinigingsgel, tonic en nachtcrème en ‘s morgens gebruik ik een reinigingsmelk, micellair water, serum en dagcrème. Oogcrème gebruik ik nog niet, maar dat ben ik binnenkort wel van plan.


  4. Wat een fijne routine! Ik gebruik van de meeste producten ook wel een variant, maar in plaats van een toner gebruik ik een micellair water 🙂


  5. Wat super leuk om te lezen, ik hou van dit soort artikelen! Ik ben zelf heel benieuwd naar Bioderma en de kamille cleansing oil van The Body Shop! En ik moet ook nodig een oogcrème in mijn routine verwerken, je bent niet de enige die worstelt met donkere kringen! Haha! 🙂 ❤


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