How to style… a floral dress.


Today I have some outfit inspiration for you guys.  I made a collage of several fashion items from H&M to give you some inspiration of how to style different items. Today I used a floral dress as main item and combined it in two different ways. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite or how you would style it!



This is already one of my faves. I love how the yellow bag compliments the yellow flowers in the dress. By the way, isn’t that dress gorgeous?! I combined the dress with a simple black blazer, for when the dress on it’s own is a bit too cold. For shoes I chose for these cute and simple brown sandals. I think it’s more wearable for younger people and people who don’t like wearing heels, and it looks way better than just basic flats. I also chose to put in some bracelets to make it a little bit more fun and less boring. These bracelets are by the way also availabe in rose gold!

1. Floral dress €24,99
2. Blazer €19,99
3. Yellow bag €14,99
4. Sandles €14,95
5. Bracelets €4,99


This is the second outfit. It’s a little less colorful, but still really pretty. This is more appropriate for warmer days. I kept it very simple but still stylish. I don’t think that fashion has any rules, but I do like to follow my own rules. One of them is that you shouldn’t wear too much prints. If you have a printed top, don’t wear printed pants and the other way around. Therefore I used simple and basic items to combine the dress. I combined it with a pair of tights. This might not be needed if it’s extremely hot, but I do like the look of it, especially when you combine it with the very cute boots. They I chose a nice small bag. You always need a bag. And some pretty sunglasses.

1. Floral dress €24,99
2. Tights €7,99
3. Bag €14,85
4. Boots €39,99
5. Sunglasses €6,99

I hope you liked both outfits. Let me know which one you like the most and how you would style a dress like this.

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