July wishlist.


Everyone has things they wish they had. I do too. Every month I will share my wishlist and I will tell which products or items from the wishlist of the month before I have actually bought or maybe changed my mind about. I have made two collages. One showing make-up and beauty products and one showing fashion items I’d love to have.


These are the 5 beauty products for this month. There is quite a lot of Too Faced in there haha. My most wanted product is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I’ve been wanting to buy it for months now, but I haven’t done it yet. It’s so expensive, but so pretty. The other two Too Faced products are two products I’ve been thinking about buying for a long time too. Especially the Shadow Insurance. I’ve read tons of articles about that product and I’ve never read a negative word about it. I used to think that eyeshadow primers where all the same, but since i use the Urban Decay Primer Potion I know that ain’t true.

The Catrice Illuminating blush is so gorgeous. When I saw it for the first time I was determind I would go out and buy it. This blush is part of the Catrice Fall/winter collection of 2014 and is only €3,99! The only problem is that it isn’t availabe in the Netherlands, but it is in Germany. The Mac Pressed Pigment eyeshadows are new to me. I’ve never heard of them before but they are absolutely gorgeous. I love the color “Light Touch”. It’s such a pretty eyelid shade.

1. Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallete €58,05 (at http://www.lookfantastic.com)
2. Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow €30,96 (at http://www.lookfantastic.com)
3. Too Faced Shadow Insurance €21,93 (at http://www.lookfantastic.com)
4. Catrice Illuminating Blush €3,99 (DM)
5. Mac Pressed Pigment in Light Touch €21,50 (Mac store/ http://www.maccosmetics.com)


These are the fashion items I really want. Lets start of with those amazing shorts! They seem to be high waisted and they come in a variety of colors. I have almost no shorts that actually fit anymore and these are on sale right now. When I get the chance, I will buy them in some different colors. Especially this pretty coral color. Another item from the Bershka sale is that awesome Tshirt. I love mint green and the pink letters on it make it even prettier. It’s just a nice simple shirt that is easy to style. I love it.

The I scream shirt from Loavies has been all over the internet lately. I’ve seen it at lots of beauty and fashion blogs and it’s so pretty. I love having simple white Tshirts because they go with simply anything and they look really pretty. Another thing I’ve been really into lately are peplum tops. I think they look so classy. I recently bought one at H&M and now I want more. They have the one I already have in a different color and I will definitely get that (there was no picture availabe of it therefore it’s not included in the collage) but this one from New Look is also very pretty. Floral and peplum, how great can life be?

My goal for this summer is to wear more dresses. Therefore two of the items on my wishlist are dresses. The floral dress is just really cute. As you might have noticed I really do love floral prints. The other dress with the striped pattern on it is also really stunning. When I was at H&M I saw a girl with this dress. I loved it so much. It looked stunning. Ever since that moment I need to have that dress!

1. Shorts €7,99 (Bershka)
2. Happiness What Is shirt €3,99 (Bershka)
3. Iscream shit €16,95 (Loavies)
4. Floral dress €17,99 (New Look)
5. Peplum top €11,99 (New Look)
6. Striped dress €9,99 (H&M)

That was my wishlist for this month. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article and let me know which items are on your wishlist!

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