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One of the most popular high end make up brands is MAC. I absolutely love it too. Their products are just so perfect. I especially love their eyeshadows. The thing with high end brands is, is that they have really special colors or finishes to their eyeshadows that budget products don´t have. I do not have a very big MAC collection, but I thought it would be nice to share the products of theirs I do have with you guys today!


Let´s start off with one of my favorite beauty products, eyeshadow. At the moment I own 5 MAC eyeshadows. I think that most eyeshadows from MAC are pretty awesome. Even though they´re not all perfect. I´ve got 3 eyeshadows in a pot called All That Glitters, Gleam and Twinks. I also have to refill eyeshadows that I put in the palette you see on the picture. I ordered the palette from Ebay since the ones from MAC are extremely overpriced. In the palette are at the moment only two colors called Sumptuous Olive and Cranberry.


cranberry and olive

These are all my MAC shadows. As you can see none of them are almost empty. That is not because I don´t like them, cause honestly I really do, but because I have so many other eyeshadows I just sometimes forget them. My first MAC product ever was the All That Glitters eyeshadow. It´s the one on the right at the picture. It´s a gorgeous gold color with a “Veluxe pearl” finish. This just means it has a pearly finish. It doesn’t contain those chuncky glitters, but does have a nice shimmer to it. The one on top is Gleam. It’s a more pinky champagny shade. This one is quite shimmery but not in a bad way. I love how this color really brightens up your eyes. When you want to look more awake, this is really the shadow you need. This one has a Lustre finish. It’s a little bit more chuncky than All That Glitters and doesn’t apply as smoothly. The third shadow is Twinks. It’s a nice deep brown color with a special finish. This is one of those amazing shadows with such a special touch to it. This shadow is a Veluxe pearl aswell. It applies very smoothly and is amazing for in the outer V. It’s the perfect shadow to darken up your look. The special thing about this shadow is that it seems to me like the shimmer in it is kind of a reddish purple. It does make the shadow a lot prettier without making it too much.

Next up is Cranberry. Oh I wanted this shadow for so long! A few months ago I finally bought it. I was so happy. I saw this shadow all over the internet and it seemed like the perfect color to me. This cranberry color really compliments brown eyes, it really makes them stand out. But, to be honest, I haven’t used it in a while. Before I was really into those colors of eyeshadows, but lately I’d much rather grab some pinky champange colors with a nice brown. The last shadow is Sumptuous Olive. I think this is the most special color that I own. When you see it, it seems like it’s not a really wearable color, but when you put it on or swatch it, it is a whole lot different. This color is a green combined with a nice brown. The shine that it has is absolutely amazing!


(Left to right) Cranberry – Sumptuous Olive – Twinks – Gleam – All That Glitters.

It was so hard to capture the pretty finishes the shadows have, but I tried my best. I think that the pigmentation of all of the shadows is absolutely amazing. I really love Sumptuous Olive though. The only one that seems to be a bit less is Gleam. I always use a cream shadow underneath my shadow, and I haven’t had any problems with Gleam. It always appears very pretty and bright. It might not be as clear on the picture because it’s quite light, but you have to trust me on this one.


Now on to my second favorite beauty product, blushes and highlighters. I unfortunately only have one of their blushes, but I do have (in my opinion) the prettiest one. The blush is called Dainty and it’s a mineralized blush. It’s one of those round shaped baked blushes. It is quite shimmery, so if you don’t like shimmers on your cheeks this isn’t the blush for you, but I absolutely do. It just really gives you this super healthy shine and color. It really does a good job at that.

The one next to it is a Mineralized skin finish, which was from the Naturally collection if I’m correct. It is in the shade Blonde and it’s gorgeous. I wish it wasn’t a limited edition. I really got lucky with this one since I didn’t know it was there. I just walked to the MAC counter and fell in love with it. I got one of the last ones! This is also one of those products with a phenomenal glow. When you put this on you instantly look 10x as healthy. I do have oily skin and therefore I’m not really looking for putting extra shine on my face, but this product is an exception. This product doesn’t make you look extra oily at all, just a healthy glow.

That were all my MAC products. Let me know what your favorite MAC product is in the comments!

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  1. Wat een mooie producten! Ik heb geen oogschaduws van MAC,maar ik wil ze zeker wel! Ook heb ik geen blushes! Ik heb een aantal lipsticks en een highlighter! Oh en een lipliner ! Xx


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