Small (unexpected) haul


My mom needed to go to the store to buy some new clothes, and asked me to come with. This ended up with me buying more than I planned to, and she ended up with nothing since they didn’t have the clothes she liked anymore in the store. Today I will show you the stuff I bougt.


We first went to an electronic store called Mediamarkt. I wanted to buy headphones since my ears are for some reason not made for earphones. Every step I take, every move I make, my earphones will fall out of my ears. Therefore headphones were a good solution. I didn’t want extremely expensive ones cause I rather save up for a new camera. I bought these cute white headphones by Sony. It are the Sony MDR ZX310 headphones. I don’t know a lot about these, the most important thing for me was that they looked good, and in my opinion they do.



I knew that there was a sale going on in Bershka, so I needed to look quickly to see if they had the pretty shirt I saw on the website. They actually didn’t, but I did find three other things. I first saw this gorgeous top. It has some daisies on it, which are one of my favorite types of flower for on shirts, and I really loved the color. The best part was that it was on huge sale (everything was by the way). The shirt was only €4,- !

Next I bought two pairs of shorts. I don’t own a lot of shorts since the weather in the Netherlands isn’t that great and I just don’t like the way they fit. These ones are different. The material is very soft, and I’m a huge sucker for soft stuff and they are long enough to cover my entire bottom. I hate those shorts that show a piece of your bottom, it are pants, they do need to cover something. I bought one in a nice and bright orangy color. I think it’s kind of a mix between coral and orange. I love the color so much. The other one is a very light blue minty one. Both of them only cost €7,99.



Next I got some stuff for the upcoming school year. I know it’s quite early, but they had so much cute stuff at HEMA. I already bought wrapping-paper for my books, pens and a pencil case, but of course I needed some other stuff. I will start off with the amazing washi tape. They had so many different ones. this one contains 8 different patterns, all really pretty. I like using this to decorate my books, and it’s also really useful for lots of different DIY projects. This package was €5,-. I also got some new pencils. These have super cute patterns on them and have a little eraser on top. This package of 5 pencils was only €1,-. For €1,50 I also got 2 correction pens. I always use them when I make a little mistake in my writing. It looks so much better than when you cross it out everytime.

I also got a new agenda. There were actually lots of cute agenda’s, but they didn’t have all the qualifications I wanted them to have. This was the only one that passed my test. The floral pattern on it matches my wrapping paper so that cute. And the fact that is big but thin is good cause this way it won’t take in too much space in my back.  As I mentioned before, they had a LOT of cute stuff. I really love notebooks, they are just so nice to have with you and there are so many good looking ones. I chose this one. It has a bright neon orange on the side and the cover is bright pink. The first paper on the inside is also the extremely bright orange color. So cute! The agenda was €5,95 and the notebook only €1,95.


Last but not least, two things I really wanted and needed. First of all the really cute linnen bag. I really wanted this so I can take it with me when I go shopping at put my products in there instead of getting all those plastic bags. This is way better for the environment and it looks so cute! This bag is also from HEMA and was only €1,-. The last thing is a small brown belt. My belt almost snapped so I really needed this one. The belt is from H&M and was €4,95. It’s just a really simple one, but I think it looks really good with everything.

That were the things i bought last Saturday. For the ones who’re interested, I went to the city of Eindhoven where I live. Let me know what your favorite item of this haul is!

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