My everyday make up bag


I really enjoy doing my make up in the morning, but sometimes I have those days I’m not really feeling it. When I have one of those days, and I’m not going anywhere or at least not going to something I feel I need to wear make up for I don’t. But when I do have to I really like that I have an everyday make up bag. It’s just way easier and it takes up less time than when I have to go over to my make up collection and gather the same stuff together everyday. Today I’m going to show you what is in my everyday make up bag.


I always start off with a primer. I really enjoy using this P2 perfect base. I bought it at DM while I was shopping in Germany. It was really inexpensive and it works really well. This makes my makeup stay on much longer and it helps with the oilyness. After that I apply the Catrice camouflage cream underneath my eyes. I have quite bad undereye circles, therefore I use this one before my foundation and another one after my foundation. This was is slightly more covering but more visible. I don’t like it when you can really see that your wearing concealer so I use it underneath my foundation. When I apply my Maxfactor CC cream it really blends in with the rest of my makeup. The CC cream is an amazing product. It is one of the only foundations available in a good light shade. This one matches my skintone perfectly. It also has really great coverage.

After that I love using my Collection 2000 concealer. A very popular product. I bought it in Brighton a few months ago and ever since then I’m completely in love with it. The coverage is great, not perfect, but fine and it is not such an obvious concealer. I love the way it brightens up my eye area. I also use it for any imperfections I might have.


After my foundation and concealer I use this Sephora powder. I haven’t found the perfect powder yet that is able to keep my skin matte throughout the entire day, but this one does a good job and it smells sooo good! Then I start with my eyebrows. I first use a bit of eyebrow pencil by Hema to get started and fill my brows in with the Catrice eyebrow kit. I like using pencil first because I think it’s easier to really get the shape right with it, but the powder looks more natural. I set it afterwards with a colored eyebrow gel by Catrice. And then start with my eyemakeup. I love using my ELF eyeshadow primer in champagne, as well as my sample size Urban Decay primer potion.

shadow and blush

First things first, most products on this picture are not in the actual make up bag itself. First of all because it wouldn’t fit and second of all I don’t like having an everyday eyeshadow palette or blush. If I would put it in my everyday bag I wouldn’t use my other products anymore and that seems a little bit like a waste to me. I did wanted to include them in this article because these are my most used products from that category.

For eyeshadow I use my Too Faced Natural Eye palette a lot. I really love the color Silk Teddy and the highlighter Heaven. I love creating looks with this palette. All the colors are so wearable and have a nice finish. I also love using my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I do have all the Naked palettes, but the 3 is definitely my favorite. I love the pinky champagne colors.

The ELF contouring blush & bronzer duo is actually in my make up bag because I love the bronzer and I do use that one everyday. It’s just a nice bronzer which isn’t too orangy or too dark for my skintone. As for blush I love using my MAC mineralized blush in Dainty. It litteraly goes with any eyeshadow or lipstick. It’s so pretty. I also love using this MAC highlighter. Unfortunately it was from a limited edition, but that doesn’t make it any less pretty. I love the healthy glow it provides.


After eyeshadow I of course use a mascara. Lately I’ve been really in to this Maxfactor 2000 Calorie mascara. It does the job well for what I need. I do not have very diffecult lashes or a high standard. If it just gives me some volume and has a nice black color I’m alright. I don’t use eyepencil everyday, but sometimes, whenever I feel like it I do. I really like this Loreal infallible eyepencil. One end has the pencil on it and the other end an eraser. I don’t really use the eraser part because honestly it hurts. It’s one of those eye pencils you have twist up. I really like it. The other eye pencil is by Yves Rocher. It’s in a pretty goldy bronzy color. I use this pencil as a liner when I don’t use eyeshadow. I use eyeshadow almost everyday, so I don’t use it that much, but I do love the color.

This was all I keep in my everyday make up bag. I hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know what’s in your everyday make up bag!

8 thoughts on “My everyday make up bag

  1. Wat leuk om de inhoud van jouw everyday tasje te zien! Ik kan nooit kiezen (hoewel ik toch vaak voor hetzelfde ga) en heb héél veel rond mijn vaste opmaakplaats staan. Het enige wat nooit wisselt is mijn eyeliner, de 24/7 waterproof liquid van Urban Decay!


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