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Pinterest is one of my favorite sites ever. I love going through all the beautiful pictures. But something I really like about Pinterest are the “Life hacks”, which are basically very easy ways to make your life a lot easier. Throughout the last few weeks I have collected some pretty good life hacks from pinterest which I will share with you today. Just because they are so freaking smart and I could’ve never thought of it myself.

40 Brilliant DIY Organization Hacks via Brit + Co.

This is definitely one of my favorites. And the best thing about it is that it’s so easy! The only thing you’ll need are toilet rolls. You just costumize them with for example washi tape or scrapbook paper and tadaa! You have an awesome way to organize your cords. Cause let’s be honest, every has that one messy place with a bunch of cords they can’t get organized.


Both of these life hacks I really like. I actually made one myself. The idea is that you take those tags from bread bags and if you like, paint them. Then you can write something one it like “laptop”, “printer” or “charger”. Then you put them on the ends, and if you like to at the top of your cords. This way you can easily see which cable belongs to which machine. This way you never accidentally pull out the wrong cable! As I mentioned I’ve made these myself. Instead of painting it with real paint or a marker, I painted it using nail polish. This was very easy and this was I had lots of colors to chose from. I wrote on it with a waterproof marker and voilá.

The other life hack is also very easy. The only thing you really need for this one is a tag, the same ones as in the one before. If you like you can paint this one, but you don’t have to. Than you put it at the end of your roll of tape. This way you never have the struggle of not being able to find the beginning/end of the tape. Which is a struggle lots of people struggle with on a daily basis.

Naamloos 31

A very common problem in my life, and in the lifes of most girls are losing bobby pins. They just disappear from time to time and you end up with no bobby pins left. This life hack is the best for solving that problem. Buy a magnetic strip, this could either just be a very big magnet or be magnetic tape and put a strip of in into the inside of your drawer. Now just put your bobby pins on in, it wil stay on it because it’s magnetic and they will all be stored at one place. You will never lose them again. If you don’t like keeping them in a drawer you can obviously also put the tape somewhere else, whatever you prefer.

The next one is actually really amazing. If you have a left over can from something. Like an empty coffee can or whatever don’t throw it away! You can make it into a can for you plastic bags. I think it’s quite difficult to keep them somewhere neatly. This is the ultimate solution! You can paint the can if you like and write a word on it like “bags” or whatever you want to store in there. You can of course also put on a word using stickers. Then take the lid and make a hole in it. Now you can store your plastic back in the neatest way ever!

23 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know - Use Nail Polish to Identify Different Keys - Life Hacks and Creative Ideas

The last one is one i’ve also done myself. It’s a really easy but nice life hack. Sometimes it can be hard to see which key is from which door. Just paint the top of the key in pretty color, or make a nice design on it, whatever you want and you’ll always know which one is which. You could either paint them using nail polish or using paint. I used nail polish for mine. Beside painting your keys, you can also paint for example a part of your charger. This way you can easily see which one belongs to which device or to who (if you live with people using identical chargers).

I hope you guys liked these life hacks and let me know which one is your favorite or your ultimate life hack!

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