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Today I want to share with you my love for eyeshadow palettes. Ever since I got my first Naked palette I’m completely in love with palettes. It’s just so easy to grab one palette with all the colors you will need in it. I do have quite some palettes, but today I will only show you the bigger palettes with more colors. I do also have palettes with for example 4 colors in it, but that would be a bit too much for only one article. If you’re interest keep on reading!


I want to start off with my three loves. My three precious palettes, the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I’m so lucky I have all three of them. It wasn’t easy by the way. I got my first Naked palette about a year ago. My mother bought it for me in the Sephora in Paris as a birthday gift, therefore I had to wait untill the 28th of October to actually be able to use it. It’s a very pretty palette and I do use it a lot. the quality of all the Naked palettes is so insanely fantastic. About a month later I decided I wanted to get the Naked 2 as well. The only problem was that it was always sold out online, and it’s not available in store in the Netherlands. I stalked the sites that sold them multiple times a day. One morning it finally said “In stock”. I immediately ordered it and a few days later i was a proud owner of the Naked 2 palette. I do have to be honest and say that the Naked 2 is my least favorite of them all. The colors are really cool and in my opinion there are not enough pretty eyelid shades. Last but defenitely not least he Naked 3 palette. My favorite. It came out litteraly a month after I got the Naked 2 palette, and I wasn’t sure if I would really like it. Therefore I first ordered a fake one for only a few euros to try out if I would really use it. I did, so only a few weeks later I was stalking the webstores again and I ordered it.


As I mentioned before, before I got the real Naked 3 palette I ordered a fake one to see if I liked it. The one on the bottom is that one. It’s the Naked 3 from Tmart. It was really cheap and actually, the quality is pretty great. If you can’t afford the real one this is a real good alternative. I like it a lot and I actually still use it sometimes. The one on the top is the W7 In the Nude palette. Lately W7 is coming out with multiple dupes of the Naked palettes. They have a dupe of the Naked 2 called In the Buff and this one, a dupe of the Naked 3 called In the Nude. The colors are slightly different but still very pretty. The quality ain’t bad either, especially not if you realize it only cost me 8 euros instead of 50.


Of course there is more to my life than only Naked palettes. For example the Too Faced Natural Eye palette. One of my most beloved palettes. The colors in it are so wearable and so pretty. I really love that they have a bit of a pinky tone to it. This is one of my go to palettes. The other one is the Sleek Storm palette. This was my first Sleek palette and I’m really considering buying some more. The quality is insane. The colors are all so pigmented and they apply very nicely. My favorite color of the palette is quite obvious I guess haha! The pink color on the right. It’s just so pretty, especially with the bronze Maybelline color tattoo underneath.

mua dicht


Another great find are these Make up Academy (MUA) palettes. They are since a few months also available in the Netherlands at some Kruidvat stores, but I bought mine at Superdrug in Canterbury. They cost me only 4 pounds and they are the most amazing budget palettes I own. They are all very neutral but in different ways. The one of top is called Heaven and Earth. It contains 12 beautiful nude eyeshadows. I really like the shine some of the have, and I especially love the thrid color from the bottom row. It’s so pretty! The palette in the middle is called Undressed. This one has a bit more warmer shades. It also contains this pretty pink champagne color which I absolutely love. That is my most used color out of all three palettes. The last one is the Undress me too palette. This one has a white packaging instead of a black one. The colors have a more cool tone than the other ones. Even though I’m more into warm shadows, I really enjoy using this palette. The colors are very wearable for everyday.


These last two palettes are both really pretty but I don’t use them too often. The first one is the New CID cosmetics Natural Wardrobe palette. When I saw it online on a picture I was really excited about it, but when I received it I found out it looked quite a lot like the Naked 1 palette. Don’t get me wrong, I love that palette, but I already have so many dupes of the Naked palettes, it’s a bit too much. The quality is pretty good, but I just don’t use it too often. I’d rather use the real one or a MUA palette. The last one is the well known 88 warm palette. Years ago everyone raved about these palettes and everyone had one. I got this one for my birthday a few years ago. It was my first palette and the first decent quality eyeshadows I owned. When I look at the picture I really think that I should use it more often, the colors are pretty and the quality is fine. But still, I just don’t grab it. I have other palettes with much better quality and similar colors. It’s more a bit of sentiment to my youth.

That were all my bigger palettes. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Let me know what your favorite palettes are!

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