Most people nowadays walk around with a smartphone with lots of apps. I think that it’s one of the most genius inventions ever. You can litteraly do almost everything with your phone. You can call, text, skype, play games, read your email, go on the internet, and lots more. Today I want to share my absolute favorite apps. I have an Android phone myself, so I’m not a 100% sure the apps are also available for Apple.


1. My day.

On my ipod I had this app called “Dreamdays” which was basically an app that counts down to a special day, but you could also see how long ago some special thing was, like the day you got together with your boyfriend, the day that you first went to college, etc. I couldn’t find a good version of that app on my phone, but now I found this app called “My day” which is basically the same. It’s an app that counts down to your favorite days or events and tells you how long ago something was. You can add a nice background that fits with the theme and you can choose wether you want to see it in the amount of days or how many months, years and days ago it was and the other way around. I really love this app and I use it a lot. It’s not really the most important app, but it’s fun to have.

2. Water tracker.

I’ve never been someone who drinks enough water everday. I always forget it actually. And at night, I always wake up once because I’m completely dried out. I installed this app to help me with drinken enough water. This app can calculate the amount of water you have to drink every day and keeps track of how much you’ve already consumed. After a while you can see a graph with lots of dates and see your progress.


3. Candy Crush Soda.

Everyone knows the famous Candy Crush game, but now there is this different version called Candy Crush Soda. It’s almost the same game but it has some different challenges in it. I really love it, but after a while I got stuck and I still haven’t been able to complete te level. If you have to kill some time this is a great app.


4. Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of my favorite things ever. I love going through all the pictures and pinning them for my own boards. I actually like the app better than the website because if you pin something on the site, it always shows this thing with other boards you should look at and that can be quite annoying. The only downside is that lately the app has been doing weird. After a few minutes it suddenly stops working, so annoying!

5. Financius.

This is an app I got with the app “App of the day”. With this app you can keep track of your expenses and your income. This app can help you get move controll over those things and can help you save up money. I have to say that I sometimes forget to put things in, so mine is not really up to date anymore, but it does really work.

All the pictures I used in this article come from google, I haven’t made them myself. (Except the first picture, the one with my phone and the headphones)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article. Let me know in the comment what your favorite apps are.

5 thoughts on “Apps

  1. I was very recently in hospital with a serious kidney infection and a big part of my problem was being dehydrated. I know myself that i don’t drink enough so I have gotten an app similar to the water tracker you mentioned and when I do a blog on my hospital visit I’ll include it. Not many people know about those apps and a simple app like that could have prevented me being in hospital, great post 🙂


      • I’m fine now thank you 🙂 My family has commented on my mood and eating habits which were downhill for months because we suspect I had this kidney infection for months without knowing, before I do my post I have to research a lot because even I still don’t know what caused me to be so ill haha, but I had involuntary shakes which is caused by dehydration and they gave me bags of fluid through a drip to hydrate me. Since then I’ve been working hard to keep drinking so I’m hoping this app helps 🙂 Also keep drinking a healthy amount of water so you don’t have to experience what I did ❤


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