The best budget products


High end make up can be really pretty, but not everybody has the budget for that. Therefore I will share my best budget products with you guys. I actually think that some budget brands also have amazing high quality products, just a bit less expensive. Nothing wrong with that!


MUA blush €3,99 (Kruidvat) – P2 blush €2,95 (DM) – P2 primer €5,95 (DM)

I will start off with a few nice face products. I really love blushes (therefore there will be quite a lot included in this article) and I do have quite a lot of them. The first one I really enjoy using is the MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose. It is one of those blushes that has several colors which mixed together look really pretty. The thing I like most about this blush is the glow it gives you. With this product you don’t really need a highlighter. It gives you the most beautiful glow as well as a nice and healthy color. The second blush is by P2. I really love this brand. I bought it in Germany, but it might be available at more places, I don’t know that for sure. I got the blush in the color Candy Coral. It’s a nice coral color without obvious shimmer. It’s hard to say if it’s completely matte or if it has a slight shimmer in it, but I would say it’s matte.

The next product is the P2 Perfect face refine + prime base. This is my favorite primer ever. It has a pump which I like a lot and there is a lot of product in the tube. It isn’t super cheap, but for what you get I think it’s worth it. This primer makes you foundation stay on way longer and is just a great base for underneath your make up. The consistensy is quite thick, but it doesn’t bother me while applying it.


ELF blush – €4,00 ( – ELF bronzer & blush €4,00 ( – P2 highlighter €3,49 (DM)

And some more face products. First I have 2 really good ELF products. First of all the ELF “blush” in Gotta Glow. This is a dupe of the NARS Albatros highlighter. I said blush between quotation marks because it isn’t a blush but a highlighter. ELF does call it a blush and you can find it at the blush section. The next ELF product is the Contouring Blush & Bronzer in St. Lucia. It contains a very pretty bronzer that is also suitable for lighter skintones like mine. I use this bronzer seriously every single day, it’s amazing. The blush is also really pretty, and it’s nice that it’s all in one product so you only have to take one product with you instead of two.

The last product is the P2 Perfect Face all-over illuminator, which basicly is a highlighter. I really fell in love with the pattern on this highlighter and the pretty shine. It’s not as present as the glow that the MAC mineralize skinfinishes give you, but I think that that is actually a good thing. Sometimes you just don’t need an intense glow, just a bit of a healthy glow.

Naamloos 27

Catrice eyebrow kit €3,99 (Kruidvat) – Eyebrow pencil €2,- (HEMA) – Collection concealer £4,19 (Superdrug)

These are also products I use every single day. First of all, I’m sorry that the brow kit doesn’t look as pretty anymore, but it shows that I use it with love haha. This brow kit is by Catrice and has 2 colors in it, one for brunettes and one for blondes. It comes with a mini tweezer and mini brow brush. I don’t really use it because it’s so tiny, but the quality is actually really great. But before I use browpowder I like using my eyebrow pencil by HEMA. It’s only 2 euros and it’s great. It comes in several colors for every brow color and it last a long time.

The last product of this picture is the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer. I think this is one of the most populair concealers ever. I bought mine at a supermarket in Brighton actually since it was sold out at Superdrug and Boots, but it should be available there. It’s quite diffecult to get from the Netherlands since it’s way more expensive when you order it and it’s hard to find in online stores. Therefore I bought two of them when I found them, and next year when I will go to London I will defenitely bring some more. It’s the best liquid concealer I’ve ever used. I love the coverage and they have a nice light shade which I really like.



Catrice intensive eyeshadow €3,99 (Kruidvat) – P2 eyeshadow €2,95 (DM) – P2 cream shadow €2,95 (DM) – P2 eyeshadow €2,95 (DM)

These are my favorite products of this entire article. The eyeshadows. The first one to discuss is the Catrice Intensive eyeshadow in Glamourose, which is a really pretty baked shadow. It contains a lighter color and a rose gold color. I really love the way it looks together. The only problem with it is that it’s going out of their collection, so if you want to get it you have to be quick (and get it with 50% off). The next products are the P2 eyeshadows. Both of them (the top and bottom one) are from the same line. The top one is in the color Happy Day Time and the bottom one in the color Sunny Lunch. With these shadows together you can make the most beautiful day time look. I really love how the quality of all P2 products is absolutely amazing, but the prizes are very low. Another product I use a lot is the Forever Intense eye shadow cream by P2 in Just As You Are. This is an amazing rosy gold color and it’s perfect for underneath your eyeshadow. Because of this product other shadows will become more intense and they will stay on much longer. I love the way that the consistensy is not sticky like the Maybelline color tattoos are but still stays on for a very long time.


Kiko color sphere €5,90 – Kiko regular eyeshadow €2,90

And the last products for today are the Kiko eyeshadows. Kiko is one of my favorite more budget friendly brands. They do have more expensive products, but also really budget ones. I’ve got 3 normal eyeshadows (I only included two on this picture because I don’t use the other one as often as I do) and I have one Color Sphere eyeshadow. The products have no names, only numbers which I think is sad because I really like it when products have fun names. The Color Sphere is in number 18, the taupe eyeshadow in 124 and the gold/champagne shadow in number 118.

That where all my favorite budget products for today. Let me know in the comments what your favorite budget product is!

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