My top 5 youtubers


It’s a daily thing for me, watching Youtube videos. I love watching beauty and fashion videos, but also just random videos that have nothing to do with beauty. Today I will share my top 5 favorite Youtubers with you, not in a specific order by the way.

1. MyLifeAsEva

I only found out about Eva about a week ago, but she is defenitely one of my faves. Eva makes lots of different types of videos, mostly about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I really love all her DIY videos and the one video she did with her mother were her mother got to choose 3 different outfits for her for mothersday. I really love her mother!

2. JacksGap

Jack and Finn are also included in my absolute favorites because of a lot of different things. First of all, the quality of their videos is amazing. They really know how to film. Another thing I really like about them is that they don’t act like they are celebs, they use their fame in a good way. The video above is a very good example for that. They do things for good causes and they help people in all different parts of the world. I really love them!

3. MissGlamorazzi

MissGlamorazzi a.k.a. Ingrid has been one of my favorites for years not. I watch her videos for a couple of years now and they only get better. I really love her personality and the way she edits her videos. She is always happy and that makes it so much more fun to watch. I also like the types of videos she make, I’m obsessed with Get Ready With Me videos lately!

4. MacBarbie07

MacBarbie07 a.k.a. Bethany is also one of my all time favorite youtubers. I follow her for about 3 to 4 years now, and I’ve never loved her videos less. I really like that she does lots of cute DIYS, I really love DIY videos. Especially room DIYs and organization videos. I also really love her Christmas series she does every year!

5. Zoella

Zoella or Zoë has so many lovely videos, which are just a bit different than the videos from the other youtubers that I watch. I love her accent and the quality of her videos. I also love her collabs with other people and her inspirational videos. I think she has a real good personality and is fun to watch.

That were my favorite youtubers, let me know in the comments below who your top 5 youtubers are!

11 thoughts on “My top 5 youtubers

      • Oh haha, dat kan gebeuren. Ik hou ook echt van Youtube. Alleen maar leuk eigenlijk dat je niet iedereen kende, zo leer je leuke nieuwe Youtube kanalen kennen!


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