MaxFactor 2000 Calorie curved brush volume & curl mascara


A week ago I bought this amazing mascara by MaxFactor. It’s the MaxFactor 2000 calorie curved brush volume & curl mascara. They do have more different versions, but I chose this one. The mascara claims to give your lashes more volume and curl, and it has a special wand. If you want to know more about this mascara, keep on reading!


The wand of the mascara is a little bit different than usual. It’s curved. This way it should give your lashes a bit more of a curl. But honestly, I don’t really see the difference. It’s a nice mascara but if it really curls my lashes? I don’t really think so. I normally always curl my lashes before applying the mascara, but for this review I didn’t, just to see what the mascara does on it’s own. As you will see in the pictures below, there isn’t a big difference in curl. The other thing it should be doing is give you more volume. I do think that’s a true promise. My lashes are quite easy, and most mascaras do the job well, but I really like the effect this mascara has. My lashes get a bit more volume than it would get with other mascara’s I tried. I really like that about it.



Now it’s time for the results. Excuse me for my lashes looking a bit white/grey, it’s because I applied powder before and it came onto my lashes by accident. My lashes are not very outstanding or extremely long, just normal. As I mentioned before, I didn’t curl my lashes to show the real result. My lashes are naturally curled a bit, as the first picture shows really well. Therefore it’s quite clear that the curl the mascara claims to give you, is a bit of nonsense. At least, it is for me. Something that is quite clear, is that it does give me lots of volume. My lashes are a lot more outstanding than they would normally be, and it looks a lot better. It might look a bit clumpy on the picture, but in real life it really doesn’t clump so much.

I think this is a great mascara. It does the job of giving you a little more volume really well. I wouldn’t say it’s the best mascara ever, cause I have used better ones, but it’s just fine. The mascara costs €12,99 and is available at most drugstores.

5 thoughts on “MaxFactor 2000 Calorie curved brush volume & curl mascara

  1. I thought Max Factor didn’t exist anymore. They took it out of my Wal-Mart a long long time ago and I loved their curved brush.


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