What in my bag?


I really love What’s in my bag? videos and articles, so I decided to do one myself. I have this bag for around 2 to 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it. I bought the bag at http://www.misstella.com for only €19,95. It was delivered the next day, and ever since then I love it. The front of the bag has some suède on it, and the rest is just leather. It’s not real leather by the way, but it looks like it.


I like keeping my bag organized. This does not always work (there are always receits everywhere), but I try. I always carry this small make up bag with me, with some usefull goodies in it. I don’t think it’s really necessary to carry make up around, I don’t use it anyways. In this bag I keep things like a contacts case and fluid for it, so whenever my eyes start to hurt I can take them out. I also always take with me a pack of smints, which are delicious mints to refresh your breath. Besides that I always like to have something to write on with me. I have this little noteblock with me and a pen. So if I need to write something down to remember it, I can always do that. The only kind of beauty related product I take with me is this really basic lipbalm I got at an open house.

Because I have headaches so often I always carry some kind of asperine with me, so if I feel it coming, or it is already there, I can take something to ease it a bit.


I have two water bottles in my bag. One mini bottle, and a normal one. Don’t ask me why there are two, I know it only makes my bag more heavy, but I don’t know. I always carry water bottles with me so  when someone is thirsty, or if I’m thirsty myself I can drink some water. It’s really important to stay hydrated, especially with this warm weather.


These are the prettiest items in my bag I think. My neon pink wallet. I got it from V&D and I absolutely love it. Before I had this small wallet and all my cards didn’t fit in there. This one is much bigger and prettier, and I just really love it. I also carry a hairbrush with me. In the Netherlands the weather is mostly bad, so when it has been very windy or rainy, I like to fix my hair with my brush. Before I used to have a small look a like tangle teezer with me, but I like this one better. I do have pretty long hair, so this goes much faster and better.



The last two things in my bag are pretty boring. First of all I have this strap that you can attach to your bag so you can carry in over your shoulder. I don’t use it a lot, but it’s nice to have with me, just in case. And last but not least a saddle cover. Since it’s rainy quite often and I don’t like it to cycle with a wet saddle I take this saddle cover with me. When it has rained I put it over the saddle of my bike and I won’t get a wet butt. By the way, isn’t it super cute? I also have one with hearts!

That was it, that were all the things I carry with me in my bag. I hope you like it, and let me know what you always carry around in your bag!




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