July favorites


Today I want to share my monthly favorites. This time it’s of the month July obviously. I’m not sure if I’ll do this every month, since I don’t always use new products every month, but that will be clear soon.


Lets start of with the nail polishes of this month. I don’t use nail polish a lot, but I do like it when I do wear it. One of the most important things for me about nail polish is, is that it stay on long without chipping. These three nail polishes have blown my mind this month. The first one is by Kiko in a nice lilac color. It doesn’t have a name, only a number. The number is 338. I love how this nail polish applies and how it looks. It’s such a pretty rich color. It almost looks a bit like you’re wearing a gel nail polish.

The second one is the Nicole by OPI one. It’s from the Carry Underwood collection and it’s called Color Me Country. I got this nail polish from my boyfriend when we were in Brighton. It’s a gorgeous bright pink color and it stays on incredibly long. It’s one of the best nail polishes I own.

The last nail polish is by Rimmel. From the Salon Pro collection in the color Reggea Splash. It’s a nice orange salmon color. I really love the nail polishes from this collection. The quality is great and they look, just like the Kiko one, like it’s a gel nail polish.


On to the eyeshadow favorites. I didn’t try out a lot of new eyeshadows this month, but the ones that I tried were amazing. I’ve shown this Catrice shadow before. It’s from the Intensif’Eye collection in the color Glamourose. It’s a very pretty eyeshadow, with a very special color. I really love using it, especially on top of the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold. Where the gold comes from is a mistery to me, cause it looks pretty pink to me. But it’s a real good combination. Because of the Color Tattoo the shadow will be a lot more intense and stay on the entire day!


Next up are these three wonderful products. To start of with this gorgeous lipstick by Yves Rocher. Yves Rocher is one of my favorite webshops. What I like most about it, is that most things in the shop are on sale, the whole year ’round, and you get a few free items when you order something. This lipstick was one of these free items. It’s a nice nude color called Corail Voilé. It’s nice and moisturizing and applies very smoothly. I love this lipstick for every day wear.

To keep my lips even more moisturized I use the Rosebud salve in Minted Rose. I bought this one a long time ago, when they were only just available in the Netherlands, and I kind of forgot about it. Recently I’m very in to this product again. Besides using it as a lipbalm, you can also put in on dry areas over your entire body. The smell is also really, really, really great!

This ELF highlighter has been a favorite for quite a while now. It’s in the color Gotta Glow and it’s a dupe of the NARS albatros highlighter. I don’t own the highlighter so I can’t confirm it, but that’s what I read. I simply love the glow this product gives me. It won’t make you look like you’re a discoball, but a nice settle glow.


These are some skin/body care products I’ve been really enjoying lately. The Dove Silk Glow showergel is absolutely amazing. It promises you a soft feeling when you use it, because of the Natrium Moisture, and I was really sceptical about that. But to be completely honest, it’s actually true. When you wash your body with it you feel so intensely soft. It’s amazing. It’s a real sensation. After showering I like using a deoderant. I’ve been really into this one by Odorex. It promises to give your armpits a soft feeling and it claims that after a while your hair at that area will grow less quickly. Another thing I was sceptical about, but the product has proved me wrong. Besides that, the smell is also amazing.

The last product is a skincare product. I’ve shown this in my Skincare routine . This is a serum by The Body Shop with tea tree in it. It can be used as a primer, but I do like using a seperate primer afterwards. This product is one of the only products that can keep my oilyness under control. And therefore I really love it, and I’m thankful I found it.

Naamloos 12

Lastly I have two more random favorites. First of all, my new headphones by Sony. I really love them. I love the way they look and the way they feel. I had surgury on my ears a few years back and my ears are still really sensitive. I can’t wear my glasses the entire day for example. Therefore it was really important that the earphones would be very soft and gently for my ears. And it is. I cannot wear them for 4 hours straight, then it will start to become painful, but for an hour or two it’s fine. I do also like the quality of it. I don’t know anything about headphones, so I didn’t really knew wether they were good or not. But the sound is great. It’s so much better than earphones!

The last thing is my new notebook. It’s just so cute and every time I look at it, it makes me happy. I love the bright colors and the cute text on it. It’s the cutest notebook of my entire notebook collection haha!

That were all my favorites for this month. Let me know in the comment what your favorites are!

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