Nicole by OPI nail polishes


Today I have a review about the Nicole by OPI nailpolishes. First of all, my name is on the bottle! How cool! I have two polishes of this collection. One special edition from the Carrie Underwood line and a normal one. If you want to see swatches and more, keep on reading!

I want to start with the pink nailpolish from the Carrie Underwood line. I got this one from my boyfriend when we were on a trip to Brighton. It’s a very pretty bright pink polish. Super pretty for summer! The name of this color is Color me country. I love it when make up products have such cute names.


This is the nail polish on my nails. I applied two coats. This one does really need two coats to cover the white ends of your nails. That’s not a bad thing, most nail polishes need that. I love that the nail polish doesn’t have any shimmer in it, I’m not a huge fan of glittery pink colors. This one is perfect for me. It applies very easy, because of the amazing brush. Within a few minutes you can be finished polishing your nails. Another great thing about this nail polish is that it stays on really well. It doesn’t chip after one day. It looks pretty for 5 to 7 days. After that you really need to take it off.

The second color is called Boys ‘N Berries. It’s a nice dark rich red color with a gorgeous shimmer. It contains some gold glitters, that aren’t too chuncky at all. It’s a very special color.


I again applied two coats of the polish. After one coat it does cover your nails nicely, but two coats make it look much more intense and prettier. This nail polish applies really nicely too, and dries quite quickly. The only downside is that this one doesn’t stay on as long as the other one. After a few days the ends of my nails started to show. It wasn’t chipping, it was just gone. I do really like this color on my nails. It’s one of my favorites. It’s also a really pretty color for fall/winter time. Love it!

All together, I really like the Nicole by OPI nailpolishes. They apply nicely and they dry quickly. I really love the amount of different colors they offer. They are absolutely amazing. The nail polishes are available at stores like Superdrug, Douglas and Big Bazar and cost £7,99 at Superdrug and about €14,- at Douglas.

One thought on “Nicole by OPI nail polishes

  1. Great review. I have been eyeing off some of the Nicole by OPI polishes for a while and think I might treat myself after reading this! Love the colours too!


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