How to style… playsuits

Naamloos 54

Today I have another “How to style…” for you guys. This time I will be styling two different playsuits using items from the Newlook webstore.

floral summerdays

The first outfit is my favorite. I really love the playsuit. It has a floral pattern, but with different colors than usual. I decided to combine it with some pretty nude colored wedges. Wedges look pretty, they make your posture pretty and they are comfortable. To make it a bit more fun I paired it with these pretty sunglasses which have by the way also some floral in the frame and some pretty earrings. The earrings have some blue in them and some pink/nude which goes perfect with the playsuit. To clutch I paired it which goes perfect with it in my opinion.

1. Playsuit €29,99
2. Earrings €9,99
3. Sunglasses €6,99
4. Clutch €11,99
5. Wedges €29,99

colorful coral

The second outfit is also really pretty. For this one I used a plain playsuit. I think it’s harder to style plain clothes than printed ones, because you have to use more accesories to make it look pretty. I first of all paired the coral playsuit with some coral sandals. Then I paired it with a pretty gold statement necklace (which I by the way really really love) and similar looking earrings. Then I chose some gold bracelets, which go really well with the other jewelry. I by the way woulnd’t necissarily wear all of them at once, but you can if you like. Then I paired it with a pretty brown purse and black sunglasses.

1. Playsuit €29,99
2. Purse €29,99
3. Necklace €7,99
4. Sunglasses €6,99
5. Earrings €3,99
6. Sandals €9,99
7. Bracelets €14,99

I hope you liked this article. Let me know in the comments which item you want me to style next and how you would style these playsuits!

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