Ebay stuff I actually use.


I’m one of these persons that orders a shit load of things from ebay and ends up not using most of the things. Throughout the years I have collected lots of stuff from Ebay. In this post I will share the stuff I got from ebay that I do use.


These brushes are by far one of my most used Ebay purchases. Some of these brushes I actually use on a daily basis. The brushes are from a real great quality and they are inspired by the Real Techniques brushes. Everyone raved about these brushes, which really made me want to try them. I have to be honest and tell you guys that these are definitely worth the hype. The brushes cost about €2,-. I do really want to get a real Real Techniques brush and compare it to these ones.

You can buy these brushes using the term “Foundation brush” or by clicking here.

cable drops

These are my second favorite Ebay finds. It are “cable drops”. It basically are rubber things you can stick on your desk that hold your cables. I always had the problem that the cable of my laptop fell of my desk. By putting it in one of these, it will just stay where ever it is. It’s also nice to keep your cables organized and not all over the place. These cable drops came in a package of 6 containing different colors (brown, yellow and green) and cost less than euro.

To find these use the word “Cable drops” or click here


These two things are absolutely adorble. It are contact cases. The first one is a piggy, which inside holds an eye contact case, a small thing in which you can put your contact fluid and some other usefull things. It’s really cute and easy to travel with. The other one is just an eye contact case. It’s in the shape of a green bear and has very big eyes. It’s super cute and it looks way better than those boring plain ones.

If you want to find these use the word “contact lens case” or click here for the piggy one and here for the bear one.

Naamloos 12

These are some things I do use, but not as often as the previous things. First of all a beauty blender look a like. Beauty blenders have been extremely popular throughout the years and I really wanted to try one. Because I wasn’t sure if it would be something for me I decided to first order a fake one. This one was really cheap and I do actually like it. It might not be as soft as the real one ( I don’t know that for sure because I don’t have it, but most ones aren’t as soft as the real one), but it works nicely. I don’t use it on a daily basis because I rather use my Sigma F80 buffer brush.

If you want this product use the word “makeup sponge blender” or click here.

The other product is a package of blotting paper. I think blotting paper is really overpriced in stores. Why would you pay that much for just a package of paper? I found this one on Ebay for almost nothing. It was about 70 cents for one package. These blotting papers are amazing quality and are really nice to just keep in your bag for whenever you need it.

To find this product use the word “blotting paper” or click here.


The last thing is this cute pencil case. It says “lifesytle”, but I think they meant “lifestyle”. It’s a real cute small little pencil case with a flower print. I have used this one for school, but it was a bit too small. I now use it to store my washi tape. Is really nice for that and I still think it’s very cute. Besides being really cute, it was really cheap. They have the same model pencil case in a bunch of different styles and colors.

If you want to find it use the word “cute pencil case” or click here.

That were all the things I ordered from Ebay that I really use. I do have some much more stuff that I don’t really use. Like hideous necklaces and horrible earrings. Besides not using it, some things have broken after a while or just weren’t the same as I expected. Therefore my advice to you is, don’t order too expensive stuff from Ebay, because the quality isn’t always as amazing and it won’t always be what you expect of it. Let me know in the comments what your all time favorite Ebay finds are!

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