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Today I have a new wishlist for you guys. My August wishlist. I will show you which items from my previous wishlist I have actually bought, and my new wishlists, with other items I would really like to own!

If you want to see what was on my previous wishlist, you can click here. I only bought one of the items of the wishlist unfortunately. It’s not because I didn’t like the other ones enough, it’s like that because I haven’t gotten a chance to buy the other items. Some are just really expensive and others weren’t available anymore or not available where I live. For example the gorgeous Catrice blush is only available in Germany. I will buy it when I go there sometime, but this month that didn’t happen. The item I did buy is the pair of shorts. I actually bought two different colors. One in a coral/bright orange color and the other one in a light blue/minty color. I really enjoy wearing them.


My new wishlist contains more budget products. Almost (or in my opinion everything) is quite budget proof. Soon, around September the “Hello Autumn” trend edition by Essence will be in stores. There are two items from the collection that I  would really like to get when it’s available. First of all the eyeshadow palette. It contains very pretty brown colors for a day to day look. I know that I have a million of palettes with these kinds of colors, but they are of course not exactly the same! The palette is really budget proof and looks very good to me. The other item from that collection is the multi color powder. I really love the pattern on this. I fell in love with it the first time I saw the picture. I really really really want these two!

Then I have another eyeshadow palette that I have been wanting for years now. The Sleek Au Natural palette. I wasn’t sure for quite a while cause it looks kind of boring, but when I read multiple reviews about it, and saw lots of pictures of it I was sure. It’s so gorgeous. It’s the perfect neutral palette, with amazing quality by the way!

Then I also saw these ELF blush palettes. They sell them in light and dark, but I prefer the light version. It’s a simple palette with 4 different blush colors. It’s really pretty. I’ve read a lot about it, and really really want it now. The next item is the Zoeva Defined Buffer. I already own a buffer brush, but this one is angled. I love the quality of Zoeva brushes, so I would really like to have it.

Last on my beauty wishlist is the NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer. This is one of those liquid lipsticks. They are really pigmented and pretty. I like this one because it’s a perfect color. It’s not too in your face, but it’s noticeable. Perfection!

1. Zoeva Defined Buffer €13,95 (
2. Sleek Au Natural palette €9,99 (
3. Essence Hello Autumn eyeshadow palette €3,89 (kruidvat)
4. NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer €3,49 (kruidvat)
5. Essence Hello Autumn powder €3,39 (kruidvat)
6. ELF blush palette €6,80 (


Next up my fashion wishlist. I have to say that everything is from H&M this time. If that bothers you, I’m sorry, but H&M has so many pretty items lately. Everytime I walk into the store, I find something I like. The first item is a blouse with longer sleeves and a little bit of a peplum top thingy going on at the bottom. It has pretty flowers all over it. I really like it, I think it looks really classy. The next item is a grey cropped top. I know I said I don’t like cropped tops, and believe me I don’t, but this has a special reason. I don’t like showing my belly, but when you pair it with highwaisted jeans/shorts, you don’t. It’s still not my favorite thing, and I’m not completely sure about it, but I can at least try it on and see how much it’s showing.

I’m really the kind of person that buys clothing for the wintertime in the middle of the summer. I’m just more of a winter person, so when I see cute sweaters I think about the colder days, and get excited, and eventually buy sweaters. This sweater, the one with the cute little hearts is so damn cute. It really fits my clothing style, I love it so much!

Another item that I wouldn’t normally wear is this blazer kind of thing. I honestly don’t even own one, but this one can absolutely be my first. I really like the color and the way it looks, hopefully it’s comfortable too! The last item is a pair of burgundy highwaisted jeans. Not really jeans cause they are extremely strechy, but you get the point. I do own a pair of burgundy pants, but that more of a tregging. It doesn’t have pockets, etc. I think this one is really pretty and would fit within my style.

1. Floral blouse €14,99 (H&M)
2. Cropped top €7,99 (H&M)
3. Highwaisted jeans €19,99 (H&M)
4. Sweater €19,99 (H&M)
5. Blazer €9,99 (H&M)

That was my wishlist for this month. Hopefully I get to buy more items of my wishlist this month than previous month. Let me know in the comments what’s on your wishlist!

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