How to: Organize

Colorful organization

Organizing my room and actually every other part of my house is one of my favorite things to do. I absolutely love it. I love it when everythings looks neat and nothing is messy. Today I want to share my ultimate tips with you for organizing any part of your house or maybe even your life!

1. Don’t do everything at once.

If you want to reorganize your entire house, don’t do everything at once. Divide your house into pieces and do one piece at one. Start for example with the bathroom, than your bedroom, the kitchen, etc. If you d0n’t your entire house will become a mess and you don’t know where to start anymore.

2. Get everything out of it’s place.

Get everything you want to organize out of it’s place. Take out the entire inside of the drawers of all the cabinets you want to organize. If you’re already satisfied with something, you obviously don’t have to mess that up. Just get everything out of it’s place to have a clear overview of what you have, and what could be stored where.


3. Put everything in categories.

My next tip is to now put all your stuff in categories. Keep in mind the space you have and where you want to store it. Then put all your notebooks for school together, all your pens, your electronic stuff, etc. This way to have much more of an overview and you know what can go where together.

4. Get rid of stuff.

A very important one. When you find things you don’t use anymore, throw it away or give it away. Don’t keep all the boxes of every makeup product. Don’t keep all the cute bags you ever got. You won’t use it, you won’t ever need it. If you’re absolutely sure you will, of course you can keep it, but keep it real. I’m a real hoarder, I always keep boxes of makeup. I even keep ugly ones from for example MAC eyeshadows. But when I’m reorganzing, those things need to leave!

A Delightfully Organized Desk

5. Come up with a great system.

Before putting everything back into your cabinets, think of a system that will work for you. Think of how you want to store things, and where you want to store what. This makes it way easier to put everything back into place and it will go much faster.

6. Use baskets to divide your drawers into parts.

This is one of the things that really helps me. Use baskets in your drawers. Or even those drawer dividers. This way you get much more out of the space you have. And it looks much neater than having everything thrown in one drawer.

7. Keep it organized.

My last tip is keep the room you organized, organized. My favorite way of doing that is by tyding my room every evening. During the day I might use stuff and have it laying around, but every evening I put it back where it belongs. I don’t thow it in, but I put it in, just the way it was there when I took it. If it works better for you, you can just put something back right after you used it. It’s just about what works best for you. The most important things is, is that you keep your room organized for as long as possible.

That were my best tips for organizing any part of your house. Let me know what your favorite organizing tips are!

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