In the summer it seems to be a must to be tanned. But not everyone is capable of tanning. I’m not. Even if I try, I won’t get any color. It’s part of your skintype. If you’re not capable of tanning you can do a few things. In this article I will tell you some!


1. Self tanners.

You can first of all use self tanners. You can buy them from any price range. You can find them in (almost) all drugstores and in lots of other beauty stores like Sephora. Self tanners come in many forms. Some work instantly, some need a little more time. Some you have to spray on, and others are like bodylotions.


– You’ll look tanned quickly
– It’s not harmfull for your skin
– No tanlines
– You won’t get sunburned while getting your tan on
– It covers up eneven skintones


– It’s not free
– It doesn’t last as long as a real tan
– If you’re not carefull it can get uneven and you can end up with orange spots
– It can look unnatural (not always)

Those are just some benefits and disadvantages of self tanning. Of course it’s your own choice, and you have to decide if it’s worth it.

Naamloos 23

2. Accepting it

This is actually my favorite one. Accept it, you’re a little bit more pale that the other girls at the beach, but that doesn’t matter. Who said that being pale is ugly or bad? Being pale can be a good thing. Did you know that many celebs have been rocking their pale skin too the last couple of years?


– It’s free
– You don’t have to put any effort into it
– You’re just yourself
– Accepting yourself can boost your self confidence


– You’re not tanned
– If you can’t accept yourself you’ll be insecure

•Fun summer days with your bestfriend•

3. Tan regularly

Most skintypes are capable of tanning. Even if you’ve never had a real tan, you might be capable of it. It can cost just a little bit more time. The most important thing is that you don’t over tan. Don’t lay in the sun for 4 hours straight. Than you’ll get a color that isn’t tan, but red. Besides that it would be really bad for your skin. The thing you can do is go out in the sun everyday for a short amount of time and make sure you put on a good sunscreen!


– It’s a natural way of tanning
– You’ll see that you can actually tan, which might make you feel better about yourself
– This tan will stay on longer than the tan you get with self tanning products.


– You might get burned
– It takes a long time
– You might not become as tanned as other people

Those were my three ways to deal with skin that is not capable of tanning. Let me know what your tips are!

The pictures used in this article are from Weheartit.com

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