3 Wearable lipsticks

Naamloos 25

Today I want to share my three favorite wearable lipsticks with you guys. It are three not too in your face pinky colors that are absolutely amazing!



The packaging of this lipstick is really classy. It’s black with at the top the “signature” of Kate Moss. I think it looks just really good. Nothing too special, but not cheap looking at all.

I want to start with this Rimmel by Kate Moss lipstick in the color 07 . This is the darkest nude color of all three lipsticks. The lipstick is nice and creamy, but not too creamy. It says on for quite a long time. The color is not too bright, but it is noticable. Your lips look just a bit more alive.



The second lipstick is by Kiko. This packaging is quite similar to the Rimmel one. It’s just plain black and the only thing on it is the name of the brand. It looks neat and the quality of the packaging is just fine.

The lipstick it self is in the color 902. It’s a pretty coral pink tone with a slight bit of shimmer in it. It isn’t too much, which I like because I’m not a huge fan of glitter in my lipstick. This one is a bit more creamy than the one by Rimmel, but doesn’t stay on as long. It does feel quite moisturizing and the color is really gorgeous.



This is the last lipstick for today. It’s by Yves Rocher. The packaging is for sure the prettiest of all three. It’s a nice gold color and it has an interesting shape. I really love how it looks. You can even use the packaging as a mirror when you put the lipstick on!

The lipstick is in the color 42. Corail Voilé. It’s the only one of the three lipsticks with a name, which I really like. This lipstick is by far the most hydrating and creamy of them all. I really like the texture. It feels a bit like a lipbalm when you put it on. Even for people who don’t like wearing lipstick, this lipstick could be a good choice.


Then I have some swatches of the colors. I did try to take pictures of the colors on my lips but it was really hard to see the difference between the colors. Therefore I only have swatches on my arms for today. From left to right you have the Kiko lipstick, Rimmel by Kate and then the Yves Rocher lipstick. The Rimmel lipstick is by far the most pigmented one, but it is the least moisturizing one.

The Kiko lipstick is a bit more sheer than the other two, but I do like that. This makes it more wearable for me, because if it would be more pigmented it would become less wearable to me.

My favorite of the three is the one by Yves Rocher. First of all the packaging is amazing, second of all it is the most hydrating one. I don’t like the feeling of wearing lipstick, but this one feels more like a lipbalm which is great.

The Rimmel by Kate lipstick is available at drugstores and cost €9,49, the Kiko lipstick is available at Kiko stores and their webstore for €3,90 and the Yves Rocher lipstick is available at their stores and site and cost €17,90 (but it’s on sale for only €8,95).

Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite, and what your favorite lipsticks are!

Edit: I found out on the Kiko site that the lipstick does have a name, it’s called 902 Pastel Pink. It doesn’t say that on the lipstick itself. 

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