DIY giftbox.


Today I have something different for you, a DIY. I saw this DIY on the internet and decided to recreate it. It’s an easy DIY for which you’ll only need a few things that you probably already have at home. Within a few simple steps you end up with these cute gift boxes!


First of all, what do you need for this DIY?

– Empty toilet rolls
– Printed (or if you want non printed) paper
– Scissors
– Tape
– Glue

That was all. That aren’t the most exclusive things are they? Just make sure no one throws away empty toilet rolls, cause they are usefull for a lot of DIY’s.


Step 1. Put the paper around your toilet roll. I used two different kinds of paper. The one with the chevron print I found on Google and simply printed it out. The one with the dots is scrapbook paper which we had laying around in the house. I used glue to make sure it would stay on the roll. If you like you can also use tape for that.


Step 2. You now have to push the roll together to get an oval shape instead of the round shape. This will make the following steps much easier!



Step 3. Now press the ends of each side to the inside of the roll. This way the box can actually close. If you want to, you can put a bit of tape and one end so it will stay closed. Make sure you have at least one side that is not taped, so you can actually open the box later.

Step 4. Now decorate your box in the way you like to. I used some washi tape and put it around the box. Then I used a golden marker to draw some hearts on the box. For the other one I used a bit of paper that I had left and wrote “From: me To: you” on it and drew on some hearts. Then I used a silver marker to outline the paper. You can put on as much decorations as you want. Go creative with this part.




Then it should look something like this. I really like how it looks. It’s so cute! Now you can put in any gift you want to pack in a cute box, like for example earrings or a necklace and give it to someone. Who doesn’t like receiving a gift in such a cute personal box?

I hope you liked this post. Let me know in the comments if you want me to do more DIY and if you do, tell me what you would like to see.


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