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Naamloos 74

Today I have a haul for you guys. My best friend and me got a trainticket which is good for travelling throughout the entire country for 3 days. We chose to go shopping in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag and Utrecht. This haul might be a little bit late, but I did really wanted to show it to you guys.



The first day of our tour (they call it teentour, so therefore I call it our tour) we went to Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands. I’ve been there a few times before, and I do like the shops there. The thing I don’t like about Amsterdam is the atmosphere and how busy it is there. But we still had a very fun time there. We were home quite late, around eleven in the evening and were completely exhausted.

Naamloos 71

Before we went to Amsterdam we went to Zaandam to visit Primark. We do have one here in Eindhoven but it’s way more crowded here than in Zaandam. I bought only 2 things there. One statement necklace, which was only €4,-. It’s really pretty and goes with so many different things. The other thing I got there was a pack of 50 hair elastics for €1,50. So cheap!

The other item on the picture are these two super cute bows from Forever21. I bought this in Amsterdam itself by the way. They were only €1,45. I really like them and I’ve worn they already. So cute!

Naamloos 72

I also bought some beauty products. There was a sale going on in The Body Shop and I saw this body butter in Vineyard Peach, which I’ve been wanting for quite a while now. It was on sale for €8,-, which is half the price. I love the smell so much. Then I went to one of my favorite stores in Amsterdam, the DA. It’s a drugstore which we do have in different places in the Netherlands, but the one in Amsterdam sells all kinds of high end beautyproducts with sale, lots of perfumes by for example Marc Jacobs with a discount etc. I bought a few things there. First of all the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes in extra black. I’ve had this mascara before and I liked it a lot. It was on sale for €9,95. The next thing I bought was this L’Oreal blush. I didn’t know it exsisted, but I really liked it. It was on sale for €6,95, so that seemed like a good deal to me. I will be reviewing this blush soon by the way!

The last thing I got there (beautywise) is a little travel size conditioner by Organix. I already own 2 of those mini’s and I really like them. This one was €1,99. The other not beauty related item I bought (and forgot to photograph) at DA was a nice pair of sunglasses. I really really love them. I have never owned any sunglasses because I could never find one that really fits my head. I have quite a small face, so glasses look quite big on me.

The other two makeup items I got are this little Rimmel London palette. It’s the Glam’Eyes HD in a pretty pink color. I wanted this little palette since it came out, and I finally bought it. The last item is the Rimmel London lipstick. The color is just really pretty and I do quite like the texture.

That was all I shopped in Amsterdam. On to Rotterdam!



Rotterdam was such a lovely city. I have been to the Primark in Rotterdam before, and the little mall next to it, but never to the city itself. I loved it so much, I can even say it’s my favorite city in the Netherlands. It was just really pretty. I really like modern buildings. In Rotterdam almost all buildings were like that. It was just really clean, not really crowded and was just a nice city to see. The other thing I liked a lot about it, were the shops they had. New Look, 4 times the H&M, etc.


Lets start with these few beauty products. I really wanted to focus on clothing, but I couldn’t resist. At Etos they have these actions that they sometimes sell Victoria’s Secret. But they only do it on certain days (at least where I live they do) and they are always out of stock when I get there. I kind of gave up the search. But when I walked into the Etos in Rotterdam they had quite a lot of Victoria’s Secret products left. They had two kinds of fragnance mists and two kinds of bodylotion. I chose the fragnance mist in Endless Love, because honestly, the other one smelled pretty bad to me. And I got one bodylotion in Aqua Kiss. Both were €8,99. I really love the smell of them, and I’ve used them both already and loved them a lot.

Next up the Beyoncé Heat perfume. I do own the Beyoncé Heat Rush perfume. I have a bottle with 15 ml which costed me €15,-. But now I found this one, with 100 ml for the same price. They did have the Heat Rush and By Night version as well, but I liked this one the best. So strange that you pay the same price for 100 ml and 15 ml. (of course it was on sale, but still…)

The last thing from this picture are the earrings. These are like my daily earrings. I owned a pair before but they keep falling out of my ears. I decided I needed a new pair, so I got these from River Island for €2,-.


Then we went to H&M. As I mentioned in my August wishlist, H&M has been great lately. They had so many items that I wanted. But I decided to buy only these three items. First of all the heart sweater. My best friend pointed it out and said “this sweater is so you!”. I instantly loved it of course and tried it on. I really loved it. It’s such a soft and comfy, but still cute sweater. The sweater was €19,99.

The next item is a top that I’ve been wanting for ages now. I could just never find it anywhere, untill now. It’s a cute tanktop with a cute dog on it. It’s such a nice fabric and you can wear this top with so many different outfits. I love it! It was only €9,95.

The last item from H&M are these high waisted floral shorts. I saw them when I was waiting for a fitting room, and instantly fell in love with it. I don’t have any highwaisted or printed shorts, so I think this is a really great addition to my wardrobe. These shorts were €14,95.


The last two things are more for when it get a little bit colder. First of all this amazing hoodie by The Sting. I own one of those and I’ve loved it so much. They normally cost €50,- which I think is a bit too expensive. This one was on sale for €25,- which did sound reasonable to me. It’s very thick and soft and the quality is amazing. It stays pretty for a long long long time!

The last thing I got in Rotterdam is this cute sweater. It’s not very thick, so it’s perfect for when it’s not really hot, but not really cold either. I love the colors and the look of it. I’ve actually already worn it yet. This sweater was €13,95!

Den Haag/ Utrecht

Naamloos 5

This day we went to two different city’s. We first went to Den Haag because my friend wanted a jacket from a store there (at least we thought it was there, but it wasn’t). After an hour or two we got kind of bored and decided to go to Utrecht. This is normally about 30 to 40 minutes with the train. We accidentally took a train that took two hours to get there instead of 30-40 minutes. But when we got there, we did have a lot of fun, besides the thunderstorm that was going on while we walked outside…

Naamloos 4

I first of all bought four clothing items. I bought this floral pair of shorts previous time and I really wanted to buy a top to wear with it. I chose this crop top by H&M. I don’t usually liked croptops, but I bought it in a size larger than normal and I wear it with highwaisted shorts, so you don’t see anything really. This top was €7,99.

Next I bought three items from the NewYorker. I don’t always find something there, but when I am there with the friend I went shopping with these days, I always do. I found this super cute top with a pretty floral print on it, which was on sale for only €4,95. It’s a shorter top, but not cropped. I really like it, it’s so colorful! The next item is my favorite item of this entire haul I think. I was looking for a longer cardigan, but not too long. I’ve been looking for it for years now. I could never find one that I liked, they were always too long or too short or the front looked weird or the fabrik was itchy. Now I finally found one. It’s super soft and has a perfect length. It’s so comfortable and cute. This cardigan was €19,95.

The last item is a pair of burgundy/red jeans. I actually wanted them from H&M which are super strechy and highwaisted but the worker there told me (quite rudely) that they didn’t have it. So when I saw this one I decided to just go with it. I really wanted one that looked like actual pants because I do have one in that color, but it doesn’t have a zipper, pockets, etc. I really wanted to take one on vacation with me (I’m now back from vacation by the way). This jeans/pants costed €14,95.

Naamloos 1

Then I have three other things, the last three things of this haul. First of all a case for my sunglasses. I found a case in my house but it was hidious and way too small. I saw this one (which isn’t that pretty either, but it’s better than nothing) at NewYorker. This one was only €2,95.

Then I have something I’m really happy with too. Two things actually. I found this EOS lipbalm at the Afrostore in Den Haag. I have been thinking about buying one for quite a while, and now I decided to just go for it. This one is in the scent Strawberry Sorbet and was €4,95. The last item is a Victoria’s Secret bodylotion in Pure Seduction. I found this at Etos for €8,99 and when I smelled it I really couldn’t resist buying it. It smells so freaking good! I wish you guys could smell it through your screens. I love it!

That was everything I bought in those three days of shopping. I hope you liked it, and let me know in the comments what you’ve been shopping lately!


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  1. Hele mooie aankopen, krijg nu ook zin om te shoppen! Wat heb je trouwens een leuke blog, ik ben je meteen gaan volgen via bloglovin. Hopelijk neem je ook eens een kijkje op mijn blog!


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