A small little haul

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I know I did a haul recently and I was supposed to start saving after that, but it went wrong. I went thriftshopping to day for the first time ever. After that I visited two other stores in which I bought a few very cute items. If your interested, keep on reading!


Let’s start of with the thriftstore items that I bought. I went to two different thriftstores. One called “Het Goed” and another one called “Bialystok”. Both are located in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. I liked “Het Goed” a little bit better because it was quite neat. Like a real store. I really loved it there. They had a bunch of different kinds of items. From televisions (no LCD ones but those old big ones) to mugs and clothing. I first of all bought there this cute little belt. I love these small belts and I only have one. This one costed only €1,25 and is really cute. The material is very soft, it looks like suede.

The next item I got is a picture frame. This one was only €1,-. I needed it for a DIY project I will be doing soon (hopefully). It’s just a basic one that is actually from ikea. The next item is from the Bialystok thrifstore. It’s a fake flower. I don’t know about you guys, but I always forget to water flowers and take care of them. That’s why I decided that I should go for fake ones. I thought this one was super cute. This flower costed only €0,10!


I might have went a little bit crazy at the books section. I just really love it. I do actually really enjoy reading. I don’t do it a lot because I’m really busy lately, but when I can find some time, I definitely will. I bought 4 books. The books are in Dutch, so I’m sorry for my English readers, but this part might be a bit less interesting for you guys. The first book is called “Eten, Bidden, Beminnen” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s the Dutch version of Eat, Pray, Love. I wish they had this one in English, I prefer reading books in English, but they didn’t. This book was only €1,75. That’s insanely cheap for a book right?!

Then I have this book by one of my favorite writers, Yvonne Keuls, called “Mevrouw mijn moeder”. I have read a few books of her for school, and I honestly really enjoyed reading them. I thought it would be nice to get this one so I could read it for school and actually enjoy it. This book was €0,95.

The next book is by another one of my favorite writers, Carry Slee. I’ve read lots of her books and I have never disliked one of them. This one is called “Dochter van Eva”. I read the little text on the back and it seemed quite interesting. This book was €1,25. The last book is called “Shopaholic & baby”. It seemed relateable, not because I have a baby, but the shopaholic part. This one was also €1,25.

That were all my thrifstore goodies. I’ve got almost everything from “Het Goed” except for the fake flower. I really enjoyed thrifting and I’m sure I’ll be doing it again soon!



After that I went to Action. Action is a store in the Netherlands which sells all kinds of things, food, school supplies, crafting supplies, baking stuff, litteraly everything for cheap. They also have a section with beauty products from their own brand and normal brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Nivea, etc that they sell for cheaper. I went there because my mother needed some things and I needed a few school supplies. I first of all bought this little folder in which you can put paper that don’t have holes in them yet. In school I get lots of papers that I want to put in binders, but because there are no holes in it it’s not possible. This way I can take them home without ruining them, and then at home make holes in the papers and put in in a binder.

Then I got two packs of binders. I love the ones by Action because they always have these cute patterns. I’ve been using these ones for years now, and every school year I get some new ones because throughout the year I need lots of them, and you won’t always get them back.


Next up are these four super cute items. First of all this cute pink box with super adorable teapots and cupcakes on it. I’m not sure what I’m gonna use it for, but I’m sure I need it because it’s so super adorable. Next I got some sticky tape, just because we ran out of it.

Then I saw this super freaking adorable little fake plant. They had lots of different ones, but this one really stood out to me. I love it so much. It’s just a cute little decoration for in my room. Last but not least (for the Action part) I got this dry shampoo. This one claims to be invisible, so no white residue in my brown hair. It was also really cheap, especially when you compare it to ones you buy at the drugstore. I think I’ll write a review about it, let me know in the comments if you would be interested in that.



I also went to Kruidvat, which is a drugstore in the Netherlands. I wanted to get the NYC liquid lipstick thingy, but they didn’t have that over there, so my eye fell on the Essence stand. Normally I never buy something from Essence, I don’t really like it, but today that was different. I saw quite a few items that I really liked. I decided to go for these four products. First of all this awesome quattro in the color most wanted. It contains some gorgeous natural shades with which you can make a varity of different looks. I’m really excited to create some looks with the little badboy.

Then I’ve got this gorgeous 3D eyeshadow in the color irrisistible caramel cream. It’s a super pretty duo with two basic colors. I thought it looked very pretty and is was on sale for 50% of the price so that looked like a pretty good deal. They also had another shade of it, which was natural too and I really wanted it but it was sold out. Too bad.

The last eyeshadow is this mono. It’s in the shade “Sandy Says Hello” and it’s absolutely stunning. It has the most gorgeous shine and it’s the prettiest color I’ve ever seen. I just fell in love with it so I decided to take it with me. I will write a review about it soon, so if you’re interested definitely keep an eye out for that.

Lastly I got this lipstick in the shade Love Me. I’ve read so much about these lipstick that I just had to try out one. This is a pretty pink shade, which is not too nude, but not too bright. It’s perfect for everyday wear. This one will also be included in my review about these essence products by the way.

That were all the items I bought today. Now I’ve written this it doesn’t look like a small little haul anymore, cause it’s quite a lot. But the prices were quite low so that makes it okay. Let me know in the comments what you have shopped lately and what you think about thriftshopping.


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  1. “Eat, Pray, Love” is amazing! I cannot even express my love for this book. It is so beautiful and inspirational. The movie is great too, I would say the same as the book! I have watched it 3 times. Enjoy reading! 🙂


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