L´Oreal Le Blush

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Today I have a review for you guys about the L’Oreal Le blush in the color 115, True Rose. It’s a gorgeous blush with a very practical packaging. If you want to know why it’s so practical and the quality then keep on reading!

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Lets start off this review with the packaging. It doesn’t look super fancy, but I think it’s really practical. That because it contains a little mirror and a small brush. This is super usefull for when you take it with you when you travel somewhere. Having a mirror is always usefull and it will come in very handy when there are no mirror around and you want to do a little touch up. The brush that comes with it is super soft. It’s not one of those free brushes that actually scratches your skin. I think I would use it when I have no other brush around.

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The color of the blush is pretty basic, but in a positive way. It’s not boring, it’s just one of those basic colors that go with everything and are very nice to have in your collection. It’s a pretty light pinky shade with a teeny tiny bit of shimmer. This shimmer won’t really show up on your cheeks, which I think is actually a good thing because I don’t really have a lot of matt ones. I love this color a lot.

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this is a swatch of the color, I’m sorry for the hopeless quality. When I took this picture I didn’t have my new camera yet so it’s not that great. But it’s visible right. The color is pretty pigmented. That was the first thing that stood out to me when I applied it. Another thing that stood out to me when I swatched it was that the texture of the product is really nice. It feels super soft and smooth. It feels like a combination between a cream and a powder product. It has the softness of a cream but the non stickyness of a powder. I really like that about it.

Overall I really enjoy using the product and I’ve used it quite often already. It’s available in most drugstores for €12,99.

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