My Victoria’s Secret collection

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Today I have something very exciting for you guys. My Victoria’s Secret collection! I didn’t really expect that I would be able to do one right now because I only had three products before. But when I went shopping with my best friend I found some VS in the Etos and while I was on vacation I found one more. Now I do have quite a little collection that is big enough to show you guys!

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I’ll begin this article with my first VS products ever. I bought these while I was in a huge shopping mall in Brighton with my boyfriend. It was on a trip with school by the way. I like buying things on trips because then they will always remember you of a nice time. There was a 3 for 25 pounds sale going on when I went there so of course I had to get three products. This was by the way the VS Pink shop. They did have the normal one next to it but I didn’t go there because I already spend enough at the Pink shop. I first of all took this huge body lotion. It’s in the “Wild in pink” smell which smells absolutely amazing. Honestly everything in that store smelled absolutely amazing. I couldn’t choose.

Then I decided to go for this body butter in the smell “Warm & Cozy”.  It was really hard to choose from all the different smells but I decided this one smelled the best. I love using these products and I use them very very often. This body butter contains shimmers. I only found that out recently. It’s only visible when you put your body in direct light. I think that’s really pretty in the summer when you’re wearing shorts or cute dresses.

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The third product I chose is the  “Wild in pink” body mist. This body mist smells so amazing. This made me decide I had to buy something there. I can’t describe how amazing this product smells. I wish you guys could smell it through your screens.

In the Etos (a Dutch drugstore) they sometimes sell a few VS fragnance mists. They are almost always sold out were I live, but recently I found one. I found the Endless Love mist in the Etos in Rotterdam. I was so super excited when I found it. I didn’t expect it and wasn’t really looking for it anymore. But I’m so glad that I found it. It smells so super good.

The last one I found at the Dirx drugstore while I was on vacation. This one is in the smell Mango Temptation. I am absolutely addicted to mango. I love it as a food, as a drink as a tea and as a smell so it wasn’t really a question if I had to take it with me or not. O course I did. This one smells really sweet, but not too sweet. I love it.

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This are already my last two products. Two bodylotions. I really love the VS bodylotions. They moisturize very well and they have the most amazing scents. First of all the Pure Seduction bodylotion. I think this is my favorite scent of all the scents I have smelled in the past couple of weeks. I wish they still had the fragnance mist of this one. This scent is just so perfect. It’s not super sweet, but not too “un-sweet”. It has something floraly but not too much. It’s just a perfect scent.

The last product is the bodylotion in aqua kiss. I bought this one when I found the endless love scent in Rotterdam. I really enjoy using it. The only downside is that I think you need quite a lot of it to moisturize your entire body. But overall, it’s a great product.

All together I love VS a lot. I love all the products I own and I’m really glad I could get my hands on them. Let me know in the comments if you have any VS products and if you want to see a full on review about one of these products.

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