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I know that this “Back to school season” can be quite depressing for some of us out there. Honestly, I’m always pretty excited to go back to school. Not because I enjoy studying, but I just get pretty exctited for some particular reason. Today I want to help those of you out there that aren’t that excited with getting some motivation to start a new school year!

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Think about how happy you are when you get a good grade.

This is my number one tip. This motivates me to do my homework and to keep on studying even through I’m almost too bored to stay alive. I know how I feel when I get a low grade, I’ll feel bad and I know that I could’ve done better. But when I get a high grade I’m ofcourse very happy. And what do you want? You probably want to be happy. So when you have a hard time studying, think of that feeling.

Reward yourself afterwards.

If you have really hard time getting started with your homework, or keeping up the good work, set a reward for yourself. For example: you can go on tumblr for 30 minutes if you finish your biology homework. This way you have some motivation to get started and to finish it.

It’s only for a few more years.

Think about the future. You don’t have to go to school forever. It’s only for a few more years. After that you can do the job you have always wanted to do. If you don’t do your best now, you might not be able to do the job you want, and you will do something you hate for the rest of your life. Just keep up the good work for now, then life will reward you.

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Study with friends.

It’s not really a motivation, but it can make it less horrible. Study with your friends or you boyfriend. This makes studying a whole lot more fun, and you get to spend time with people you like. Score!

At least you have the opportunity to go to school.

This is something that really got me thinking a few years ago. I have gotten the chance to go to school. For us it’s something normal. Something everyone has to do, and it can sometimes feel like a prison. But in some countries they can’t even go to school. They have to do stupid underpaid jobs their entire lives and they can never become for example a doctor. We should be thankful that we at least have gotten the opportunity to go to school.


Set goals.

The last one for this post is: set goals. When you have a test or have to do a shitload of homework set a goal. You can for example have as a goal that you’ll get an 8 for your upcoming physics test, or that you finish your homework within 3 hours. It’s just an example. You can set any goal you like. When you have achieved this goal, you will feel good and confident about yourself. This way you’ll stay motivated.

That were some of my tips to get motivated to go to school and during the school year. They have really helped me the past couple of years. What are your tips to get motivated for school?

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