4x Essence review


I recently bought four Essence products. I usually never really look at their products, but these really stood out to me. I thought it would be nice to review them for you today. So keep on reading!

Naamloos 13

To start off with I have two loose shadows. I wouldn’t say mono’s because the 3D one had two shades in it, but it’s a packaging of a mono. The packaging is really simple, and not particuarlly pretty. I don’t think it looks super horrible and cheap, but it doesn’t give you that luxe feeling either. But it’s fine, for the price I paid for it, I don’t think I can whine about that.


The first shadow is this pretty super shiny champange color. The name of this shadow is called Sandy Says Hello. This shadow stood out to me because of the absolutely gorgeous shimmer. It’s so unique and pretty. It would really lighten up your eyelid, so it’s perfect for when you’re tired and you want to look more awake. I really love this one.

This Essence mono eyeshadow costs €1,69 and is available at Kruidvat and Trekpleister


Next up is this beautiful 3D eyeshadow. They look super interesting to me. This color really caught my eye. It’s a pretty basic duo, a lighter shade and a brown shade. Eventhough it’s super basic, it are the colors that I use te most. I really love the look of the shadows. It makes them look a little bit extra special. I like that Essence has these in their collection. It’s a perfect duo for a daily makeup look.

The Essence 3D eyeshadow costs €2,89 and is available at Kruidvat and Trekpleister. By the way, the eyeshadow is called Irrisistible Caramel Cream.




I also bought this gorgeous eyeshadow quat. I thought that the colors were a little bit more unexpected than usual. I really like it. I insantly thought of many different looks I could make with this little palette. It’s really pretty. It has a simple white shimmery shade, perfect as a highlighter. A yellowish gold color, which is perfect as a lid color. The pinky shade, which is my favorite, is also perfect as a lid shade and then you have this perfect purply brown color. I love it when brown eyeshadows have something purple in them, I think that’s so pretty!

This quattro is called Most Wanted and costs €2,99 and is available at Kruidvat and Trekpleister.

Naamloos 14

Now, what you’re probably most curious about, the quality of the shadows. I know this picture is kind of blurry, but it was really hard to capture the shimmer etc. These are swatches of the palette. All of the shades are pretty pigmented as you can see, except the yellowish gold shade. I think it’s pretty impressive for a budget brand to have this kind of pigmentation. Especially the brown shadow is very pigmented.

I was trying to create a look with the shadows of the quattro and the two monos, but it didn’t go as smoothly as I suspected. I was really excited to use the brown shadow, but it ruined the entire look. It didn’t apply smoothly at all. At some places it was really dark and at other places it was barely visible. I had to blend really well to make something normal of it, but it was not easy at all to work with it.


These are swatches of the mono and the 3D eyeshadow. The first one is the mono Sandy Says Hello. As you can see it’s very pigmentated. I was positively surprised by it. I really like the way it looks. The only thing that I didn’t quite like was that the shine seems to be an overspray. When I swatched it the shine at that spot was kind of gone. It was at least less intense then it was before.

The 3D eyeshadow is very pretty as well. I used the lighter shade as a highlighter in a look and it looks really good. The brown shade is pretty pigmented as well. I’m really happy with these shadows!


The fourth product is this pretty lipstick. It’s from the longlasting lipstick line and it’s in the color Love Me. It’s a really pretty pinky color. It’s not super nude, I don’t like extremely nude colors. They just don’t look good on me. But it’s not super bright either. Just a perfect in between and wearable color. By the way, don’t mind my horrible nail polish.

Naamloos 19

This is the color on my lip. I’m not a lipstick pro, I honestly always forget to put it on, but I think it looks decent enough. I like the color on my lips. It’s a bit a “my lips but better” lipstick. I did have some issues with the lipstick not spreading out nicely, but I managed to fix that. the lipstick feel really soft and lasts pretty long. It of course doesn’t survive a meal or a drink, but when you just talk a bit and live it stays on quite well. I really like it.

This lipstick costs €2,39 and is available at Kruidvat and Trekpleister.

That was my 4x Essence review. Let me know what your favorite Essence products are!


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