L’Oreal Studio Express Refresh invisible dry shampoo

Naamloos 23

In my most recent haul I showed this product. The L’Oreal express refresh invisible dry shampoo. I was pretty excited about it because it was super cheap. But does it really work? Keep on reading!

Naamloos 22

The bottle the product comes in is pretty nice. I like it. I really like purple and the women that is displayed gives it an fierce touch. The bottle says that the product does the following things:

– Instant clean
– Invisible
– Leaves no residue
– Gives you fresh hair for 24H
– Gives a volume kick

That are quite some promises L’Oreal. I hope you can make them true. The thing that made me decide to buy it is the invisible part. For people with brown hair, using dry shampoo can be tricky. It always leaves this white residue in your hair and when you accidentely sprayed a little too much, that won’t leave. So let’s see what this dry shampoo can do for us.


This is my hair before I used the dry shampoo. It’s not super greasy, but it doesn’t look super duper fresh anymore. That is because I had to cycle through a huge storm to see my boyfriend before he left for his vacation. When my hair has been exposed to rain it will always dry looking kind of greasy. Since my friend was coming over this evenin I thought it would be a good idea to try the L’Oreal dry shampoo out.


Yes, really, this is really the result. I’m sorry if it looks gross to you, but I do want to show you te result. I hated it. The dry shampoo only made it worse. At first my hair got really wet for some kind of reason, and when it dried, it ended up looking even worse than it did before. I’m absolutely not happy with this product.

The promise L’Oreal made about it being invisible is kind of true. There is no white residue or anything, but instead of making your hair white, it makes your hair wet. This wouldn’t be a problem to me, if it worked, but it doesn’t. The volume boost it promises you is even less true. Instead of giving me volume, it gives me te opposite. What I did like was that my hair got really soft. The smell of it wasn’t bad at all, but a bit too strong for my liking.

I didn’t enjoy using this product at all and I think I’ll never use it again. I won’t reccomend this product to you. It’s available at Action for €1,99 but in my opinion, it’s an absolute waste!

6 thoughts on “L’Oreal Studio Express Refresh invisible dry shampoo

  1. I had a totally different experience. Maybe yours was faulty as mine has never made my hair wet or look worse – I have pinky hair with orange tips, and I think that it smells amaaaazing to boot. x


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