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Today I have something for the girls out there that are new to make-up. I have come up with a make-up starters kit. In this article I show you the products I recommend if you’re just starting with make-up. A little side note: you don’t need to wear make-up or buy all the products I’ll show you. These are just some suggestions for when you want to do a full face make-up look.


I personally always start off with my skin. I usually use primer, but when you’re just starting make-up that’s not really necessary. I would recommend to go for a BB cream, CC cream or a tinted moisturizer when you want to wear foundation. It’s not as heavy and not as covering as a normal foundation. I personally really like the MaxFactor CC cream. This one does cover really well, but in a natural way. I have the lightest shade, which is light enough for quite light skintones.

Instead of using CC cream, BB cream, a tinted moisturizer or foundation, you can also go for a concealer. You can put this on your problem areas and leave the rest of your skin as it is. If you have quite a lot to cover this is also a good product. You can use it after your foundation (or instead of foundation). If you want to cover your under eye circles I would recommend going for a liquid concealer like the Collection Lasting 2000 one. If you want to cover pimpels, I’d recommend going for a cream concealer like the Catrice Camouflage cream.

After you’ve applied your base, it’s time for powder. This is especially an important step for the girls out here with oily skin. Powder mattifies your complexion and sets the foundation. So even if you don’t have oily skin, it can be in your make-up routine.

Maxfactor CC cream €13,99
Collection Lasting Perfection concealer €5,50
Catrice Camouflage cream €2,99
Rimmel Stay Matte powder €9,99


After the base is done, it’s time for the brows. I think that doing your brows is an important step in doing your make-up. Again, if you don’t want to do it, then don’t. This is only a suggestion of what you could do.

I like using both a pencil and a powder for my brows. I will start off using the pencil to outline the brows and slightly fill them in, and after that use the powder to give it a more natural look and make it look like one brow. This way you won’t get those super hash obvious drawn on brows. For that I like using the Hema eyebrow pencil, because it’s so affordable and comes in enough shades. And for brow powder I like using the Catrice eyebrow kit. I’ve been using this product for years now, and I’ve never stopped loving it. This is my third one actually.

After filling in my brows I like to set it with a brow gel. I prefer using tinted brow gels, but if you have blonde hair or just don’t like that you can also go for a clear one. This one is by Catrice, and I really like it.

Catrice eyebrow kit €3,99
Catrice eyebrow gel €3,59
Hema eyebrow pencil €2,-



Now it’s time for the eyes. I love using eyeshadow everyday. I get that when you’re new to make-up you might not want to go out the door wearing it everyday, but you can always try and experiment with it. Creating natural looks and more smokey ones. But before applying eyeshadow you have to use an eyeshadow primer. This is a very important step. Because of this you eyeshadows will be more intense and last a lot longer. I use this very affordable one by ELF. After that you can start doing your shadows. I recommend getting a palette instead of single eyeshadows when you first start make-up. This because in a palette are a lot of different colors which look good when you use them together and you have much more choice. This one from MUA is my favorite budget eyeshadow palette. I bought it in Brighton but it’s also available in some drugstores in the Netherlands now. It’s not expensive at all and you have a very good high quality palette.

After eyeshadow comes the (in my eyes) most important step: curling your lashes and mascara. I think mascara makes the biggest difference. It opens up your eyes and makes you look even prettier than you already are. I use this eyelash curler from Forever21 and the Volume Million Lashes mascara by L’Oreal. It’s totally up to you wether you want to use a cheaper mascara or a more high end one.

ELF eyeshadow primer €1,-
MUA Undressed palette €5,99
Forever21 eyelash curler €2,90
L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara €16,99


To finish off your look you can apply a blush. I have a budget and a high-end recommendation. For a budget blush I would go for the ELF blushes. They are very affordable but look super good. The quality of them is great. I honestly don’t know what this one is called because it doesn’t say it on the back and I forgot.

The other blush is Dainty by MAC. It’s one of their mineralized blushes. This color fits with almost every look and gives you the most gorgeous glow. Because of that glow you don’t have to use a highlighter anymore!

I usually wear bronzer and highlighter too, but for a starters kit, I don’t think that those are super necesaary products.

ELF blush €4,-
MAC blush €24,50

Those were my recommendations for a make-up starters kit. Again, this is for a full face make-up look. If you’re not that in to make-up, or just want to start simple, I would go for only a mascara. It’s all up to yourself. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, and let me know in the comments what your first make-up product was.

7 thoughts on “Make-up starters kit

  1. Hi Nicolish, Thanks i think is the best blog i am reading today in beauty industry who will really help in makeup industry peoples. Your Make-up starters kit looking awesome , i love your all product you choose and there shape and design Thanks. have a great day for you !!!


  2. Handig! Ik mis nog een hoop namelijk. Ik was eerst niet zo met make-up bezig, maar wil me er wel meer mee bezig gaan houden!


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