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Today I have something very exciting for you. A review of my all time favorite CC cream. First off all, I’m sorry if you think it’s annoying when people say foundation when it’s actually a CC or BB cream, but I do that. I might refer to this product as a foundation, so I’m sorry in advance.

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This is it, my favorite product of all time. I’ve read an article about it when it just came out, and I decided this was the one product I just needed to have. I bought it in the shade 40 Fair. The product contains SPF 10 and comes in a simple black tube. It kind of reminds me of the Maxfactor Experience foundation which I used to wear (before I realized it was the complete wrong color). It’s just simple but classy. At the bottom you have a small see through strip through which you can see the color of the product. I think that’s a nice touch.

The tube is kind of small, and gives the impression that there is not a lot of product in there, while in fact it contains 30 ml. A regualar foundation contains between the 30 and 40 ml, so it’s average. What I do not like at all about the tube is that after a while it feels like it’s almost empty. You have to put quite a bit of effort in it to get some product out (when you store it laying down, not standing straight up) and you’ll think it’s almost empty. This happened pretty quickly to me. This made me buy a new tube after about a month or so. I now have 3 tubes of this product because it was on a buy 1 get 1 free sale. So if you use this product, don’t get tricked by it. I don’t mind having some back ups because I really love it, but it’s not necessary to buy a new tube after a month!

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The foundation comes in quite a light shade. I’m personally quite pale so it’s hard to find a matching foundation. As you can see this one is pretty light. On the picture it looks like it’s still the wrong color because my hands look kind of red, but in real life my skin is not red at all and it matches perfect.

The consistensy is quite thick. It’s not super thick, but it won’t glide of your hand. I think it’s a nice consistensy. I’m not a huge fan of very thin foundations, but if you are, I don’t really think this is what you are looking for. By the way, the smell of this foundation is so good. I’m not even kidding. It smells the same as the Maxfactor Experience foundation. It reminds me somehow of biscuits.

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This is what the foundation looks like when it’s blended. It blends really easily, that’s something you don’t expect from a thicker foundation. When it’s blended it cover really well. I would say this is for sure medium to full coverage. But what I do like about it, is that it doesn’t look super unnatural/fake or cakey. It looks really natural. Especially when you let it sink in for a moment.

Another nice aspect about this product is that it’s really matt. Not in a unnatural way, but in the way you would want your foundation to be matt. For people like me, with oily skin, this is really important. It’s so hard to find a foundation or any other product that actually mattifies. This product does that job really well.

What I do think is that this foundation really needs it time to sink in. At first it looks fine, it looks pretty decent. But after wearing it for a quarter or maybe half and hour it looks a lot better. It looks even more natural, but you still have that almost full coverage.

I think this CC cream is absolutely amazing. It’s way better for me than the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation I used to use before. This one mattifies, covers, stays on your skin perfectly and has SPF in it! This product comes in three different shades, from a very ligt one to a slightly tinted one. Too bad they don’t have very dark ones, for girls with darker skin.

The MaxFactor CC cream is €13,99 and available at almost every drugstore.


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