Back to school: Outfit ideas

Naamloos 3

The schools have just started or are about to start. It’s always a little bit scary the first day, or maybe even week, and you want to look your best. Therefore I created a few back to school outfits. This way you might get some inspiration for your back to school outfit.

denim cute

The first outfit is called “Demin cute”.  This outfit is fore the girly girls out there that like wearing dresses to school. The dress I chose here is basic but super adorable. It’s white with black flowers all over it. It’s super easy to style and it goes with so many colors. It’s a great item to have in your wardrobe. I paired it with a cute denim jacket. I think denim jackets are absolutely adorable. It’s also great for the somewhat colder days. When it’s a little warmer, the jacket might not be needed.

As for shoes I chose these basic sandals. I think they look good with almost everything and they are quite comfortable. Of course you need a big bag when you go to school, so I chose this cowboy bag look a like. I love the color and the size. It’s perfect for school. Then I added some basic rosegold bracelets to make this outfit even prettier.

1. H&M €29,99
2. H&M €14,99
3. Newlook €22,99
4. H&M €4,99
5. €69,-

Naamloos 1

The second outfit is called “School girl”. This is just because I couldn’t come up with a better name haha. For this outfit I chose this super cute plaid blouse. For underneath the blouse I chose a simple black top. As for jeans I chose these super pretty light wash destressed jeans. I think it looks so good with the blouse.

As for shoes I chose these super basic sneakers. Just basic and simple, but they go with almost everything. As for jewelry I chose this super pretty and classy statement necklace. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. Because I already had this big necklade, I wanted to go for some simple earrings. I chose these gold kind of knot earrings. As for a schoolbag I chose this super pretty brown bag. I love that color for a bag and I think this one is really cute.

1. H&M €14,99
2. H&M €2,99 (comes in a set)
3. H&M €14,99
4. H&M €39,99
5. H&M €4,99
6. Invito €29,99
7. H&M €9,99

Those were two outfits that I would personally wear for school. Both are quite different, so I hope everyone can get inspiration out of these outfits. Let me know in the comments what you would wear for back to school!

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