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I’ve been kind of obsessed with the Treacle Moon showergels for a while now. I just love the way they look, they smell and the cute little texts on the packaging. Today I’ll review these showergels and show you the ones I own.


I want to start this post of by showing the Treacle Moon showergels I own. From left to right: Warm cinnamon nights – Her lavender story – Marshmallow hearts – The raspberry kiss – Iced strawberry dream – Cool melon fresca – That vanilla moment. I haven’t bought all of them myself. Some I got as a gift. The other ones I did purchase myself. In the Netherlands they sell nine different Treacle Moon showergel scents. I have 6 of them. The seventh one is not available in the Netherlands.



The first two are The raspberry kiss en Iced strawberry dream. Both of them are pretty bright pink. I first of all want to mention how cute the bottles are. They all have a cute text, each scent has a different text, and it has to do with the title. I think that’s absolutely adorable.

The raspberry kiss is of course, a raspberry scent. But what I like about it is that it’s not too raspberry like. I can get headaches from the scent and taste of raspberries, but with this showergel that isn’t the case. The showergel smells really sweet, but not overly sweet. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness.

Iced strawberry dream is a bit sweeter. This one isn’t something for you if you dislike super sweet smells. I do like it a lot. It smells like strawberries with a lot of sugar. I love that! But again, it’s not overly strawberry like. It’s just a perfect amount. It smells kind of dreamy, just like the name says. It’s really a strawberry dream!


The next two are Warm cinnamon night, which is a christmas special but is still available and Her lavender story. Again both of the showergels are really bright colored. I like that about it. When you massage it into your skin you will still see a slight hint of the color. It will of course fade when you wash it off.

Warm cinnamon nights is the perfect Christmas showergel. It reminds me of the cozy Christmas nights, when you spend quality time with your family and loved ones. The bottle of this one is extra cute because of the limited edition decorations.

Her lavender story is a bright purple showergel. I have to say that lavender is not my favorite smell on earth, just like raspberry isn’t, but I do love this showergel. It’s not a too overwhelming lavender smell. It’s just a perfect amount. I really love this one!


These two I got at Tesco’s in Brighton. When I bought them both of them weren’t available in the Netherlands, but now the Cool melon fresca scent is also in stores. The other one, the Mashmallow hearts is not. This one is also a special edition. It’s from the candy jar collection of Treacle Moon.

Cool melon fresca is a very nice, typical watermelon scent. I love the color it has and the summery feeling it gives me when I use this one. I really like this one, especially on warmer days.

Marshmallow hearts is also very very sweet. Again, this one isn’t the right one for you when you don’t like really sweet scents. I do like some sweetness, and I do love this one. It’s just a perfect scent. I honestly don’t really think of marshmallow when I smell this showergel, but that’s only a detail.



The last one I have is That vanilla moment. It’s obviously a vanilla scent. What I like about this one is that it actually smells like cookie dough. And who doesn’t like the smell of cookie dough? haha. I love it.

I by the way love the text on the bottle. I love it at all of them, but I especially like this one:

“My moment of sweet calm… just to think with carefree abandon about… maybe I won’t tell you she said shyly some things are not for sharing”. 

How cute is that? I really enjoy reading these little texts while I’m in the shower.

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On the back is also has a cute little text. This one is the same on every bottle. The text is about the creaters of Treacle Moon, in a very fun way. I love how they describe things with such detail. There’s also a little orange box that tells you how to use it. Underneath it says that the product is not tested on animals.

“Tested on us not on animals”.

Naamloos 7

All together I love Treacle Moon. I love how the packaging looks, how they smell, the bright colors and the size of the bottle. Every bottle contains 500 ml, so it lasts a long time. I would highly recommend trying out these showergels. They are my absolute favorites.

The Treacle Moon showergels are available at Albert Heijn XL for €4,95 and at Tesco’s.

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