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Today I have another collection article for you guys. This time it’s my blush collection. I love blush, after eyeshadow it’s my favorite make-up product ever. I just love how it can make your face look so much more healthy and give you this pretty glow!

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I want to start of with these five very budget blushes. First off all the three MNY blushes. MNY was a brand from Maybelline that they sold for a while in some drugstores. It was a lot more budget proof than Maybelline, but the collection wasn’t as big as the normal Maybelline collection. I loved MNY. Too bad they don’t sell it anymore. I have three blushes from them, in the shades 501, 301 and 101. The shades 101 and 301 are quite similar, but still a little bit different. That because 301 has way more shimmer in it, and the shimmer is gold. I’ve read that it’s a dupe of Nars Orgasm.

I like the darker shade a lot too. It looks a bit extreme and way too dark for my pale skin, but it isn’t. If you apply it gently, not too much, it looks amazing. It’s a perfect color. I really love it around fall time. It’s also perfect for people with a darker skintone.

The bottom two are by Catrice. The first one is from a limited edition. The packaging broke so it’s quite hard to store it. Half of it is pink and the other half is peachy. I really like it because it’s matt. The last one is also by Catrice. I don’t think it’s still available because it was one of the first ones from this blush collection and they renew it twice a year, but it’s called Peach Sorbet. It’s a really pretty peach shade with a darker pink shade. It has a small amount of glitter in it.

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Next up is the NYC color wheel. The text on the lid is completely faded because I used it so often. It’s called Rose Glow and it’s a perfect day to day blush. It’s very natural, but still gives you that natural blush. Next to that is the H&M blusher. It’s in the shade Dazzling Peach. I don’t use it very often because it’s so pigmented that it’s hard to work with.

Then I have the NYX cream blush in Natural. I’ve always wanted to try out a cream blush, so I bought this one. It’s a very pretty natural shade, but I almost never use it. That’s because I don’t really like the cream texture. It looks quite greasy on my skin.

The next blush is by Primark. This is one of those checkout purchases. It’s super pigmented, maybe a bit too much. But the color is really nice. I do like the quality of this product.

Then I have another Catrice blush. This is from before they changed their entire look. I actually prefer this packaging over the ones they have now. It’s in the shade Coral Sand and it was my first ever blush. I still love it a lot, which is visible since I hit pan. But I’ll only use it every now and then because I don’t want to run out of it.

Lastly is the P2 Feel Good mineral blush in Candy Coral. It’s another coral blush. I bought this one quite recently. I just love the quality and it was very affordable.

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Next up are two “the Balm” blushes. Between brackets because they are not real. I got them from Tmart. The packaging and the product itself is completely the same as the real ones, they are only not from the same factory. I have the Cabanna Boy and the Down Boy. I like both of them a lot.

Then I have this blush by ELF. I’m not completely sure which shade it is. As I mentioned in my Make-up Starters kit article it doesn’t say it on the back and I just simply forgot it. Eventhough I don’t know the name it’s a gorgeous color. It’s a peachy pink shade.

Then I have my beloved Sleek blush. I really love Sleek. This shade is called Life’s a Peach. It looks very bright and it shocked me at first too, but when you use it, it looks very natural. It looks just like a normal peachy color. I love this one so so much!

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Next up is my Essence blush gelee from the Vampire Love collection. It looks very dark, but when you put it on it’s just a pink shade. I don’t use it too often because you have to work really quickly in order to blend it in evenly. But still, it’s a nice and somewhat different product.

Then my most favorite blush, my MAC mineralized blush in Dainty. It’s a quite popular one. I really like it because it gives you such a nice glow and it’s the perfect color for almost every day. Next to it is another one of my faves. It’s the Kiko Sun Bronzing Blush in Crystal Rose. It’s from a limited edition, but they do have similar ones in quite a lot of their limited editions. This one contains a ligt pink, a darker more bronzy pink and a bronze shade. I like usng it together, but if you like, you can also only use one of the colors. This blush is again really shimmery. You don’t need to wear a highlighter with it. It smells really good and the packaging is a total eye-catcher!

Then I have the L’Oreal Le Blush in the shade True Rose. I’ve done a review about this very recently. I like that it’s almost matt and appropriate for everyday wear. Next is the Bourjois blush in Rose. This was one of my first more expensive blushes. I was really excited at first. It smells really nice and the packaging looks cute. But I’m not impressed at all by the quality. It doesn’t really show up.

Last but not least is the MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose. It’s the same idea as the NYC color wheel. It has some different colors in it. When you use them all together you get this pretty peachy pinky glowy cheek. It’s really pretty.

And that was it for my blush collection. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and let me know in the comment what your all time favorite blush is!

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