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August has come to an end and September is starting. That means two things. One: it’s almost fall! And second: another favorites article! I really like reading favorites articles, and I like sharing my favorite products two. If you want to know what my favorite products of August are, keep on reading!

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First of all, two skincare products. August has been a month of rediscovering products I already owned. I really like that. Just taking a good look at my collection, and using products that I haven’t been using in a while. Sometimes you then realize why you didn’t use it anymore, but sometimes you’ll find great products you just forgot about.

The first product is the Garnier Express 2 in 1 eye makeup remover. This is one of those eye makeup removers that exsists out of two layers. One of the layers is purple and one is clear. Before you use it you shake it so the layers will mix and then you’re good to go. What I really like about it, is that it’s not greasy at all. I used to use the one by Nivea, which was nice, but it was super greasy. This one isn’t, but does  have the power of those kinds of removers. Even waterproof mascara is gone within a second with this product.

The second product is the Apricot Fruity Scrub by Yves Rocher. I got this one for free with my order. It first of all smells super jummy. But the most import thing, it works wonders. I love this stuff. The feeling is kind of strange when you’re using it and the first seconds afterwards, but after that your skin will be so super soft. I love this product. By the way, it looks like it’s a sample size, but it’s actually the full size. It’s a small tube, but because a little bit goes a long way with this product, it lasts quite long.

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Again I have a rediscoveration here. The MNY blush in 301. When I was writing about my blush collection this little blush caught my attention. It’s so pretty and I hadn’t used it in ages. I decided to wear it the next day, and o my. The entire day I was really happy with the way my cheeks looked. This product makes you cheeks look so healthy and gives them the most gorgeous healthy glow. I’m so in love with this product, that I use it almost every day now!

The next product is the Volume Million Lashes mascara by L’Oreal. I bought this because I though my mascara was almost finished, which it wasn’t because I recently started using a new one. I still wanted to try it out, and not let it wait until my other mascara was finished, so I did. I have had this one before, and I don’t get why I never got a new one. This mascara is amazing. It looks so perfect. It seperates your lashes so well, it gives them volume, length and doesn’t clump up. The only downside is that it smudges pretty quickly. This is one of the worst mascara’s to wear when it’s raining.

Now I have another mascara. This will sound so stupid, but when I was in the store and I saw that the Maybelline mascara’s were on sale I again thought mine was almost empty and that this was the right time to buy a new one. Yes, I though that again. I decided to try it out for a review, instead of being smart and only open it when another one is empty. I really like this mascara. It gives you a lot of volume, in a good way. I think this one is perfect for when you want a more dramatic looking eyelash-look (if that’s a thing).

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And again, some rediscoverations. My Naked 3 palette. I have all the Naked palettes, and I love them all. But sometimes I tend to not use them because I don’t want to run out of my favorite colors. But a few weeks ago I realized how stupid that is, so I decided to use it anyways. I really love the Naked 3. It’s my favorite of all the Naked palettes, by far. Because of this palette I found out how pretty pinky eyeshadows are.

Then I have my two new Essence eyeshadows. I’ve shown these in my small haul from about two weeks ago. I’ve also reviewd them. I love these shadows. Especially the mono eyeshadow is really pretty. I’m really happily surprised by the quality of these super budget eyeshadows. I love them!

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I forgot to take a picture of these, so I decided to use the pictures from an article I wrote about them. These are the Victoria’s Secret bodylotions in Pure Seduction and Aqua Kiss. I bought them when I went shopping with my best friend. I was so excited that I finally found them. I really love both of them. The Pure Seduction scent is my favorite. It’s just the perfect amount of everything. When I went shopping there, I also bought two fragrance mists of VS. I obviously love those too

And that concludes my favorites for this month. Let me know what your favorite products of August were, and if your also super excited for September and fall!

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