New In: Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette

Naamloos 82

Today I have something very exciting. Something I’ve been wanting to be able to show you for such a long time. I’m obviously talking about the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

I’ve been wanting to buy this palette for such a long time already. I’ve watched video reviews about it, read reviews about it. Watched videos and looked at pictures of eyeshadow looks using this palette. About a week ago I finally did it, I finally bought this palette. I ordered it from, which is one of my favorite beauty webshops. I got it with a 10% discount so it was “only” €51 something now.

Naamloos 81

This is what it looks like. It looks like a giant chocolate bar, which I like a lot. The fun thing about this palette is that it actually smells like chocolate too! If you want to see more of this palette make sure to check out my blog every now and then because a review about it will be up soon!

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