New in: Timberlands look-a-likes

Naamloos 47

Today I have something super exciting for you guys. I got new shoes! When I went to my best friend yesterday I saw she had them too. They were so pretty and adorable that I just needed to get them too. She told me where to get them, and the next day they were mine. I’m so in love with them. If you want to take a closer look at them, and get to know where they are from, keep on reading!

Naamloos 46

Here they are, my new shoes. I really really really like them. They are kind of Timberland inspired, just a lot let pricy. I never bought real ones because they seem so huge to me. I don’t have the biggest legs, so they wouldn’t look goed on my. These are not that huge, they are just perfect for me.

Naamloos 49

Naamloos 50

The shoes are quite firm, they give enough support to your feet. The material is kind of different than usual. It feels semi-soft. I don’t know what it is, but it feels a bit like hairy leather. I really like the look of it. It’s different. The top part is brown (fake) leather. It’s quite thick and very soft.

Another very cute detail are the laces. They have this little pattern in it. Ain’t that adorable?

Naamloos 51

These boots are perfect for the entire year. They are warm enough for the winter time, but you could wear them throughout the fall and spring too. I really like the look of them, and how they look amazing with almost everything.

Now the part you might have been waiting for, where are they from. These shoes are from Primark! Yes, Primark. I normally wouldn’t buy my like real everyday shoes there, because they are just not that great quality, but these are great. They are super pretty and give enough support. The quality is really amazing.

The shoes were only €18,- and available in this color (yelowish/brown) in black and in blue. The blue ones are really cute too by the way!

Let me know in the comments which shoes you like to wear during this season.

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