What’s in my schoolbag

Naamloos 36

Since this is about my fourth week of school,  it seemed like a fun idea to show you the stuff I take with me in my schoolbag. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it!

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First off all, the most boing thing, my books and notebooks. It’s kind of and obvious thing, but I still wanted to show it to you, to keep it real. And of course to show you my super adorable wrapping paper. Isn’t it cute? I love it. These are by the way not all my books for the day, but you get the point. I take my books with me!

Naamloos 34

I also always take my pencil case and my calculators with me. I have two calculators because one is for all subjects and one is a special kind for math. I also take my agenda with me, which matches my book wrapping paper. I really like it. I’m really in favor of real life agendas, instead of the one on my phone.

Another thing I always carry with me to school is my notebook. This one is absolutely adorable, it’s by Hema, like most of my school stuff. I use it for lots of things. When I get bored or stressed I write down my to-do list in it, so I have a nice overview of what I still need to do that day. I also use it to write down anything that pops into my head, like blog ideas, important things, etc. And when I forgot my notebook for a subject, I’ll write it down in here and copy it into the right notebook when I’m home.

Something very important to me is carrying a bottle of water with me. I’m not a thirsty person, and I always forget to drink, but it’s important to keep hydrated. I like water because it’s just easy and I like water.

Lastly I like to take this little booklet with me, the one with the little panda. It’s from Ebay, and it’s an booklet with sticky notes. I really like having sticky notes with me for lots of things. I like putting them in my books so I don’t have to search for the right page everytime, and for in my agenda.

Naamloos 37

Then I have some random, but still important things in the front pockets of my bag. First off all these cute tissues. It’s always handy to have them with you. You never know when you need one, or someone in your class needs them. I also like having these blotting papers from Ebay with me. My skin gets oily very quickly, especially after PE, so I like having these with me to get that under control.

I also have a hand sanitizer with me and a little deoderant. It’s always nice to freshen up sometimes. Something I can’t go to school without is lipbalm. Since it’s the beginning of the schoolyear there’s only one in my bag, but throughout the year my entire lipbalm collection will end up there. My lips are very dry lately, so lipbalm is just a must for me. I also like taking tinted lipbalms with me so I can add a bit of color and moisturize my lips.

Another thing that I’ve been taking with me to every place I ever went are these smits. Smints are little mints, that actually taste good to me. I like having them with me for when I feel like I need to refresh my breath, after lunch for example. It’s just nice to have with you, just in case.

The last three things are a simple mirror, my earbuds and a hairelastic. It are just some essentials that I can’t live without. Especially the hairelastic comes in handy when it’s experiment time in chemistry.

Naamloos 38

The last three things are also very essential. First off all my saddle cover. Because it’s often rainy out here, and I don’t like getting a wet bottom I keep this one in my bag. This way I will always cycle with a dry bottom. Another essential is my hair brush. My hair looks horrible when I arrive at school, so it’s very important to me that I can just brush it through, make it look normal and tamed again. This one is super cute, it’s by Forever21. I really like it.

My last item is my wallet. I think it’s pretty self explanatory why I bring this. My schoolcard is in it, my buscard, my money, my ID. Just some things that you should carry with you everywhere.

That was it for todays article. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, and let me know in the comments what you carry with you in your schoolbag.

3 thoughts on “What’s in my schoolbag

  1. I always like to carry hairelastics, lip balm,my wallet, deodorant, my phone and ear buds, water, some pencils and writing stuff, basic school stuff like my books, notebooks, my binder etc. with me. that’s basically it 😀 actually I have the same stuff in my bag:D


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