My favorite deoderants

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Deoderant is a very important product to me, and most other people too. Today I’ll share my favorite deoderants. I’ll show you my favorite deoderants in every form (spray, stick, roller). Keep on reading!

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I want to start with my favorite spray deoderant. This one is by Bourjois and is very basic. It doesn’t have a specific or heavy smell. It just gives you a fresh feeling underneath your arms and removes the bad smell. I really like this one because it’s very basic. It does what it should do, and that’s about it. They also have it in different scents, which by the way smell amazing too, but I haven’t tried them out yet. I have this one for years now, this is about my second one. It lasts a very long time.

Another great thing about this deoderant is the fact that it doesn’t have any parabens, alcohol, etc. in it. Especially the no alcohol part is important to me, because that could hurt when you recently shaved.

What I like the most about this deoderant is the bottle. Most Bourjois packagings have this cute little ball on top of them. I really like the look of this.

The Bourjois Deoderant Mineral deoderant Fresh costs €2,99 and is available at most drugstores and online.

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This form of deoderant is the one I use and like the most. It’s deoderant in a stick form. I like it because you can put it directly on the areas you want and it doesn’t have to dry as long as a roller. This is my favorite one. It’s by Dove and it’s the original scent. I sometimes like to use the cucumber scent too, but this one is my favorite because again, it’s basic.

I like this one a lot because it really works. It gives lots of protection and keeps me from smelling bad throughout the entire day. Even after P.E. It’s also really moisturizing and soft for your under arm area.

The Dove stick deoderant in original costs €3,89 and is available at every drugstore.

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The last two are deoderants in a roller. I use this one in the evening because in the evening I’m not in a rush so it has time to dry. That’s what I really dislike about roller deoderants. They need such a long time to dry. The thing I do like about them is that you can put it directly on the areas that you want to. That just works better for me than spraying it all over the place. This gives you much more protection.

My first favorite is the Dove orignial, it’s the same one as the previous one, just in a different form. I used this one in lots of different scents, but this one is my favorite. It’s really moisturizing and keeps your armpits very soft.

My other favorite is the Odorex Satin Soft deoderant. This one promises to keep your armpit hair from going crazy fast. I honestly think that it works. Really. Another amazing thing about it is that it smells just really good. It’s basic and not overpowering, but just real good.

The Dove deoderant costs €3,99 and the Odorex one €2,65 and are both available at the drugstore.

I hope you liked this post, and let me know in the comments what your favorite deoderant is!


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