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Today I have a review about the Gilette Venus & Olaz razor. This razor is is not like the normal razors from the Venus collection by Gilette. No, this one has special strips with Olaz in it, which should make your legs look a lot more shiny and hydrated after shaving.

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The razor comes in a big plastic box. When you get it out you’ll be left with two parts. The actual razor and the handle, but I’ll come back to that in a second. First it’s time to discuss how the razor holds. The handle has a rubber piece on it which makes sure that it doesn’t slip out of your hand while you’re using it. That would cause lots of injuries! I like that they did that, and that it is in gold, because it looks good with the strips on the razor itself.

It also comes with a little plastic “lid”. You can put this over the razor after using it. It’s really nice for travelling and for safety. You won’t cut yourself this way and the strips will be protected as well.

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The razor comes in two pieces. One part is the handle, the other part is the razor. This works with a “click” system. They did this because this way you only have to buy a new razor instead of the entire thing. Another thing about it is that if you didn’t like the one you got, every other razor from the Venus line will fit on the handle, so you won’t need a new handle if that’s the case.

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I’ve used other Venus razors before, but I decided to try a new one. I chose this one because it’s a little bit more special. They actually claim that you don’t even have to use shaving gel when you use this razor because one of the strips counts as a shaving gel. I do like using a seperate shaving gel, but when I’m really lazy it does come in quite handy.

What I like the most is the way my legs look and feel after using it. Of course your legs are soft after shaving, but with this one they are even more smooth and soft. They also have this really pretty and fabulous shine. I like that a lot. It does really make a difference compared to other Venus razors.

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The only down side is that the Olaz strips don’t last very long. When they are wet it dissapears very quickly, and after using it a few times it will be completely gone. You will still be able to use the razor, because the blades are still sharp enough, but the strips will be one. I get why this happens, but I don’t like that it goes so quickly.

All together I’m very positive about this razor. I think that the Olaz strips are a great addition to the Venus razor and it works wonders. The Gilette Venus & Olaz razor costs €14,99 (one razor + handle) and it’s available at every drugstore.

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  1. Op zich klinkt dit wel heel goed! En dat je er niet zo lang mee kunt vind ik niet zo heel erg; ik vervang mijn gewone scheermesjes ook vrij snel haha!


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