Budget beauty haul

Naamloos 23

A few days ago I was in the mood to buy some budget proof beauty products. So I did. I went to the mall with my friend and got quite some pretty items. Today I’ll show them to you.

Naamloos 20

First off all I bought two nail polishes. One is by Sinful colors. Sinful colors is a brand that is (I guess) quite new here in the Netherlands. Their nail polishes are really affordable and they cover really well. Even the white colors work perfectly. This polish was €1,99 and it’s in the color Easy Going

The other one is by Maybelline from the Bleached Neons line. It’s a super pretty pinky shade and it’s called Coral Heat. I really love these kinds of colors. They are so pretty and wearable for almost always. This one usually costs €3,99 but it was on sale for €1,99.

Naamloos 19

I also got two very pretty eye pencils. I needed a brown one because I lost the only brown eye pencil I actually liked ( I found it when I came back home..). I got this one from Essence called the longlasting eye pencil. It’s the kind that you have to twist up. I got it in two different colors. The top one is called Berry Merry and the second one is called Hot Scorch. These were €1,59 each.

I also really needed a new waterproof mascara since mine is almost done. I saw this one by Maybelline called The Falsies Volum’Express in waterproof for 50% off. I’m not sure how much it was, because I didn’t get a receipt, but with the sale it was nou around €7,50.

Lastly I got this gorgeous highlighter pen by Catrice. It was in the €1,00 box. I have been wanting this one for quite a while now, and now I finally got it. The only down side is that someone had already opened it in the store and ruined it, so it looks pretty bad…

Naamloos 18

Next up is this super pretty eyeshadow quattro by Astor in the color Magic Brown. It are four very wearable shades which are quite great quality. I think I’ll be reviewing this soon. I bought it at the Op = Op voordeelshop for €2,75.

The next product is this gorgeous eyeshadow by Catrice. It’s from the liquid metal collection and it’s in the shade Gold ‘N Roses. It’s a super pretty pinky champagne shade and I’ve been thinking about buying it for a while already. Now I just decided to go for it. This shadow was €3,99.

Naamloos 17

Lastly I got four lip products. Yes, four. I went a little crazy on the lip products today. For starters I got this really pretty Essence XXXL Lasting lipgloss in the color Very Berry. It’s actually not a berry shade at all, it’s more a candy pink but whatever. This lipgloss was only €2,39.

The second one is another one from the €1,00 box. It’s the Catrice Made To Stay smoothing Lip polish in the color 040. It’s a super bright red color and it’s super pigmented. I’m not such a fan of bright lip colors, but when you apply it very lighly it looks super pretty.

The NYC Expert Last Lip Laquer is a product that has been on my wishlist for quite a while now, but it was never available in stores near me. This one is in the color Central Park Passion which is a quite wearable pink color. It’s actually a liquid lipstick so it’s super pigmented which is of course a plus. This lipgloss/lipstick was €3,49.

And lastly for this haul I got this super adorable Rimmel lipbalm. It’s quite similar to the Maybelline baby lips. I got the pink one which is called Pink Blush. I really like the look of this product. It’s absolutely adorable! This Rimmel Lipbalm was €3,49.

That was all I bought. It’s quite a lot for a monday afternoon but I’m really happy with everything. Soon I’ll be reviewing a lot of the products I showed here. If you really want to see something from this haul, or just anything in general, let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Budget beauty haul

  1. Zo, jij hebt lekker ingeslagen zo te zien! Toffe producten heb je gekocht, je maakt de shoplust nu wel een beetje in me los.. 😉 Bij ons hebben ze nu ook net de hele make-up hoek verbouwd, en er zijn allemaal nieuwe, extra producten bijgekomen, waar ik heel happy mee ben 🙂 Leuke blog heb je trouwens ook, ik ben je gaan volgen op Bloglovin! Misschien vind je het leuk om ook eens een kijkje te nemen op mijn blog? X


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