Essence Soo Glow! cream to powder highlighter

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Today I have another Essence review for you guys. I’m sorry for the overload on Essence reviews, but I did some Essence shopping a few weeks ago and I’m just really impressed by the products and therefore really excited to review them for you guys. Today I have something new from the Essence collection. The Soo Glow! cream to powder highlighter. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

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Cream products are usually not really my thing, therefore I wasn’t really interested in this product at first, but when I read a review about it I changed my mind. I went back to the store and got it. That because this isn’t your regular cream highlighter. No, this is a cream to powder highlighter. What that means is that the product is in cream form, but when you apply it it turns into a powder. The texture just magically changes.

The packaging is just basic Essence. Nothing really special, just okay. It’s not super ugly, but it doesn’t look fancy. But what would you expect from a budget brand? This product comes in different shades. I got it in the shade 10 Look at the bright side. It also comes in another highlighting shade and two blush colors.

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On this picture the shimmer of the product is really clear. This is of course a highligher, so the fact it contains shimmer is not a surprise, but this is different. It’s not the kind of shimmer that makes you look like you went cray cray with your make-up. This gives you the most heathy glow you can ever imagine. It is quite visible and it’s not super subtile, so if that’s not your taste, then this product isn’t up your street. But I do like it.

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The highlighter is very pigmented. It gives you the right amount of colors. I like how the texture feels. How you can really feel that it goes from cream to powder. I also like that it goes to powder because cream products accentuate the oilyness of my skin. The best thin about it is that it lasts all day. You will have this gorgeous shine throughout the entire day. Very well done Essence!

I think that the Essence Soo Glow! Cream to powder highlighter is an absolute musthave. I love this product a lot and I’ve used it a lot in the past few weeks. I like the glow and the texture.  I like it all. This product is available at Kruidvat, Trekpleister and online for €2,89.

8 thoughts on “Essence Soo Glow! cream to powder highlighter

  1. Wauw, echt een hele mooie highlihjter. Ik ben echt dol op producten met lekker veel glans, wat dat betreft ben ik echt een klein ekstertje. Deze ga ik zeker onthouden!


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