Rimmel London Keep Calm lip balm

Naamloos 26

I recently bought this super cute Rimmel London Keep Calm lip balm. It’s quite new here and it looks super adorable. It looks a bit like the Maybelline Baby Lips doesn’t it?

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These Keep Calm lip balms by Rimmel London are basically tinted lip balms. The main goal of the balm is to moisturize your lips and with that you get a cute color. These lip balms come in four different colors which vary from red to pink to orange. They all have a different “And …”. This one for example says ” Keep calm and kiss” while a different colors says “Keep calm and shop”. I like that they did that. It’s such a cute detail and it really reminds me of England.

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The color I got is called “Pink Blush”. It looks like a very bright pink shade. Now I know that tinted lip balms are not that pigmented, so you won’t look like you’re wearing the brightest lipstick you could find. I like that about tinted lip balms. Another thing I like about it is that you don’t have to use a seperate lipstick/gloss on top of your lip balm to get the same result. This lipbalm is not sticky in any way and doesn’t feel as annoying as a lipgloss.

The lip balm has the same shape as most lipsticks. It ends with an edge. The tube it comes in is bright blue and at the bottom bright pink and the lid is see-through with the pink letters. This gives it a very young and girly feel.

Naamloos 29

It was really hard to swatch this product, so please don’t mind that it’s so blurry. This was the only picture on which the color was visible. That’s the thing about this lip balm, it’s not pigmented at all. In comparison to the Maybelline Baby Lips who are quite pigmented. They don’t have to be super bright, but a bit more color would have been nice.

Even though the color part isn’t that great, I do like the lip balm. It’s just a nice and fun product. But if I had to choose between this lip balm and the baby lips I would choose the baby lips. Just because they feel more moisturizing to me and do have color that actually shows up.

Besides it being a bit less than the baby lips, it’s still a great product and I like that Rimmel added this to their collection. I hope they will add more of these kinds of products soon! This lip balm is only €3,49 and is available at any drugstore that sells Rimmel!


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