Essence Long Lasting eye pencils

Naamloos 16

In my most recent budget beauty haul I showed these two eye pencils. They are from the long lasting eye pencil line by Essence. They are super affordable and come in lots of colors. But what about the quality?

Naamloos 17

I got the eye pencil in two different colors. The one on the top is a berry color, which is called Berry Merry. It’s a really pretty color for fall, and it looks really good with brown eyes. I really like the color. The second one is a brown color which is called Hot Scorch. It’s just a basic brown color which is always nice to have in your collection.

These pencils are the kind that you have to twist up. You don’t have to sharpen them, which is really nice. The only downside about these types of pencils is that after a while they don’t have really sharp tip. But with these pencils that’s not really the case. They might not be as sharp after a while as they were when you bought them, but you’re still able to make a nice and thin line with them.

Naamloos 15


Naamloos 14

Another nice thing about these pencils is that they have great color pay off. I especially love the purple one. I’ve used this almost every single day since I bought it! It’s just a perfect color for everyday wear because it’s not too bright for a daily look, but it does add a pop of color.

The other shade is also quite impressive. I really like the shine it has. It gives the color something special. Both pencils are very soft with makes it easy to apply. They won’t hurt your eyes like some pencils do. These pencils are clearly different from the usual pencils. The staying power is also really impressive. They do last you quite some time!

I’m happily suprised by these two pencils. They are super affordable and crazy good! I’m so glad I bought two, and I’m sure I’ll buy more of them in the future. These pencils are for sure a lot better than most other ones out there. They are €1,59 and available at Kruidvat, Trekpleister and online!

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