Astor Color Vision eyeshadow palette

In my most recent beauty haul I have shown this gorgeous eyeshadow quad by Astor. After trying it out for a while I think it’s right about time for a review. If you’re interested, keep on reading!


I saw this little black thingy in one of my favorite stores. It’s a discount store where they sell top brands for a lower price. This Astor palette really caught my eye. The palette is called 125 Magic Brown and contains four really pretty neutral eyeshadows. The box it comes in is quite small, just like the shadows. There are 2 pans in the palette, each contains two eyeshadow colors. I would have liked it better if the eyeshadows were all in seperate pans because it would be easier to pick up one color, especially if you use a slightly bigger brush.

The shadows are labeled from 1 to 4. On the back is a small picture showing where you should apply the shadows. This is quite a nice extra for the people that aren’t eyeshadow experts yet.

On the back of the box is a little text about these shadows which says: “Luxurious Long Lasting Formula with Aloe Vera & Minerals”. With this they claim that these shadows will last long, which in my opinion should mean the entire day. That is something I was quite sceptical about. Even though Astor sounds to me like a high quality brand, for an unknown reason wasn’t expecting too much of this little quad.

These are the swatches. Especially the darkest color looks very decent, quite pigmented. The rest doesn’t seem too special. Just decent pigmentation. What I did notice is that the eyeshadows feel very soft and silky. I always like that about shadows.

As I mentioned before I was a little sceptical about this little palette, but to be honest, there is no reason at all to think that this palette isn’t amazing. The swatches don’t look too impressive, but when I used it I really changed my mind about this palette. The shadows apply very easily and look so good on the eye. They are very pigmentend (especially with a cream shadow underneath) and they stay on so well! At the end of the day (and trust me, it has been a long day) the shadows looked just as perfect as when I applied it in the morning.

Another plus about this palette are the colors. These colors are so me! They are very natural but still special. Together they make such a perfect look! Love it!

This Astor Color Vision palette costs €2,75 and is available at the Op = Op Voordeelshop (and probably online)

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