3x Budget proof liploss

A little while ago I went beauty shopping. I was planning on just buying one lipgloss, but ended up with three. The nice thing about it is that they were all very affordable and that I can now review all three of these for you guys!

The first lipgloss I’ll be reviewing today is the NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer in the color 204 Central Park Passion. I had seen this color on several blogs and I really wanted it. It is pretty new so I couldn’t find it, but after a while, they were finally there. This lipgloss is one of those liquid lipsticks. Those very pigmented lipcolors. I really like that. There are a lot of different shades from this range, but this one was my favorite. It’s a very pretty wearable color, but not too basic. It gives you a bit of that “my lips but (a whole lot) better” effect. I love it!

The tube it comes in is pretty basic. It’s nothing special, just the typical NYC packaging. Nothing wrong with that! I like the look of it. They look kind of classy to me. It does also feel quite heavy, which makes me feel like this is a high quality product.

The NYC Expert Last Lip Laquer costs €3,49.

On to the next product. This is the Catrice Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish in the color 040. I found this one in a discount box for 1 euro so I thought that they were going out of their collection. I’m not a 100% sure, but I am 99% sure that they aren’t going anywhere, since they are still in the regular stand too and they are not on sale or anything. I was pretty excited about that. Because I love this product, and now I can review it!

This lipgloss is also kind of similar to the one before when it comes to texture. It is very pigmented and the colors are very intense. This gloss is actually in a bright red shade, and that’s not really my thing. I still decided to get it because when you apply it very lightly it can look real good. What I like about it is that you don’t feel it at all. At least, when you apply it gently. It stays on for quite a while (not 8 hours…) and it doesn’t crumble off your lips after a while.

The Catrice Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Laquar costs €4,99.

Lastly I have the Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss in the color 3 Very Berry. I first off all want to say: why verry berry? I don’t get it. This is a really sweet pinky shade. It looks more bubblegum like than it looks berry like. I don’t really get that one haha.

This gloss is really a gloss. It’s quite different in structure and pigmentation if you compare it to the previous two. That doesn’t mean that this color isn’t amazing. It’s not that visible, so a bit more wearable for the girls out there that prefer more natural colors on their lips. The down side about it is that it’s a little bit more sticky and the previous two. Also the staying power is a bit less. They do call it XXXL longlasting, but I honestly don’t think they should call it that. It’s just a normal typical lipgloss.

The Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss costs €2,39

Left to right: NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer – Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss – Catrice Made To Stay Smoothing Lip polish.

As you can tell from the picture, all three lipglosses are quite pigmented. Both the Catrice and the NYC one were this pigmented with one “swipe”, but the Essence one needed about 2 to 3 to be this pigmented. As for pigmentation, the NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquar would obviously win.

As for my favorite, the Catrice lipgloss would win. Ever since I bought it, I’ve been using it almost daily. I just love the look of it, the way you don’t feel it and how you don’t have to worry about it during the day. I just think that this product is absolutely amazing!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this tripply review. Let me know in the comments which color is your favorite!

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