Worth the hype: W7

Naamloos 13

Here in the Netherlands the W7 palettes have been a complete hype. The In the Nude palette by W7 is a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. If you’re curious about the quality of this palettes and want to see swatches, than keep on reading!

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The palette is packaged in a box made of metal (I guess). It has the same color from the outside as the original Naked 3 palette. It also has this kind of wavy pattern on it. It’s not as neat and pretty as the Naked 3, but it looks like it. The big difference is the inside. It doesn’t have a mirror on the inside and the thing in which the eyeshadows are placed is from a different material.

The part in which the eyeshadows are placed is kind of foamy. I do like that. It actually smells kind of good too. This palette also comes with a little brush. On one side it’s a sponge and on the other side a small with really soft eyeshadow brush. I do kind of like it.

Naamloos 12

Naamloos 14

Left to right: Latte – Angel – Venice – Marilyn – Copper pot – Sun Kissed – Alice – Bad Manners – Coffee Cup – Mud Slide – Tokyo – Fashionista

These are the swatches. The first color Latte is not visible on here, I’m sorry for that but it just didn’t show up on camera. The swatches look pretty good to me. The shadows are kind of powdry, but they are quite pigmented. Especially the darker colors do really well. My favorites are Angel, Venice, Bad Manners, Coffee Cup and Fashionista. I love them a lot and I use them the most often.

The only thing I slightly dislike about these shadows are the shimmers in them. For some reason the W7 palettes have weird slightly cheapish kind of glitter. I don’t like it. The shimmers in the Urban Decay palettes are much richer and prettier. When you use these shadows in a look, it’s not that visible anymore.

Naamloos 10

On top is the W7 In The Nude palette and on the bottom the Naked 3 palette. The colors are quite similar. The only real obvious difference is the shimmer. I think you could really call this a dupe. It’s obviously not an exact copy, but it’s pretty similar.

All together I could say that the W7 In the Nude palette is a very pretty palette and a good dupe for the Naked 3. Is it worth the hype? Well.. I think so. If I had to choose between this palette and the fake Naked 3 from Tmart I would go for the fake one from Tmart, but if you’re not allowed or able to order anything, the W7 palette is a good alternative.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried the W7 In the Nude palette and what you’re opinion about it is. It’s available at the Op = Op voordeelshop, DA and online for €7,99.

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