Perfume collection.

Perfume is one of my favorite beauty products, after bodylotion and make-up of course. I love using a different scent every day, so therefore I have collected quite some perfumes. If you’re curious to see them, keep on reading!

The first two are both by Beyoncé. The bigger one is the Beyoncé Heat. It’s a really nice scent. I’m not going to describe all of them because I simply can’t, the only thing I can tell you about them is my opinion. The smaller one is Heat Rush. It’s the a but sweeter and younger version of the regular Heat. Heat Rush is definitely a more summery scent compared to Heat.

The next one is Chloe. It’s the cute bottle with the bow. This is one of my all time favorite perfumes. It’s smells so feminine and luxurious. A little bit of this goes a long long way. I only need one spray of it and you’ll be able to smell it throughout the entire day and if your spray it on your shirt, the next day too. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s really worth it.

The one underneath Chloe is by Nina Richi. I love the bottle, it’s a little apple. How cute is that. I got this one years ago for Christmas and I still have it. I keep this perfume for special occasions.

The huge bottle is Tommy Girls by Tommy Hilfiger. It’s another one of my favorites. I love how big the bottle is, I’m sure I won’t run out if it any time soon haha! I think this is a perfect everyday scent.

Next up are two Christina Aguilera perfumes. The first one is called Royal Desire. This was one of the first perfumes I bought myself. I still like the scent, but I don’t use it as often as some other perfumes like Tommy Girl or Chloe. The other Christina Aguilera scent is called Secret Posion. This was another Christmas present. I do use this one quite often. It’s such a lovely scent.

The next one is by FM group and it’s a replica of the Amore Amore perfume. It’s almost finished, but that only shows that I’ve used this perfume with a lot of love.

The small little bottle is by Mexx and it’s called Fresh women. It’s a light smell that doesn’t stay on as long. I don’t use this too often. Luckily I didn’t buy a huge bottle of that one. The blue bottle next to it is by Ming Shu. I don’t know where it’s from, but I do like the smell. The only annoying thing about it is the opening. It doesn’t have a spray thingy.

The gorgeous bottle at the bottom is the Lady Gaga Fame perfume. I got this as a birthday present from my boyfriend! This is one of my favorites, together with Chloe and Tommy Hilfiger. I use this quite often. Only the look of it is enough to love it.

The last one from this picture is the Replay Refresh perfume. I have bought this such a long time ago. It’s the one that you can re-activate by putting a drop of water on it. It’s really sweet, but I do still like it.

These three are actually all favorites of mine (again). I really love the TBS White Musk Sun Glow perfume. I just love how different this perfume is from all the other perfumes in my collection.

The Puma perfume was in my favorites a few days ago. It’s a really nice scent and it’s very affordable. I love it a lot and I use it actually quite often lately.

The next one is by the Fragonard museum in Paris. It’s the Belle Chérie scent. It’s a really small bottle so this is only for super special occasions like my birthday and Christmas. It’s kind of my lucky perfume. I used it before a difficult test and I actually passed it. I love it a lot.

These are two kind of random perfumes. I don’t use them too often, but I do like the scent of both of them. The big round bottle is from a market in Zeeland and the other one is by So…? They are just not as great as my favorites, but I do like them.

Last but not least are my VS body splashes. I have one in Endless Love, in Mango Temptation and one by Pink in Wild in Pink. I do use these an awful lot. I just really love them. The scent won’t stay on as long as normal perfumes, but that doens’t make them less amazing.

That’s everything for today. Let me know what you’re favorite perfume is and what part of my collection you would like to see next time!

4 thoughts on “Perfume collection.

  1. what a nice perfumes have you, I would particularly have that body splashes. but I can not order and with me in Belgium, they are not there. nice review!


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