10 Reasons why fall is amazing.

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Fall and winter are my favorite seasons, so therefore I’m super excited that fall is finally here. Today I’ll share 10 reasons why fall is amazing with you guys!


1. The nature looks pretty.

I love the way the leaves turn yellow and red. And the way the worl looks when the leaves are falling. You can sometimes even smell it’s fall. I really love that!

2. You can finally wear your sweaters and boots again.

I love comfy clothing so I’m really excited for the temperatures to drop so I can get into my comfy sweaters and my boots. Comfy, warm and cozy. My favorite combination!

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3. Blankets everywhere.

I love blankets. Even when it’s 30 degrees (Celcius) outside you’ll find my on the couch with my blankets. But it’s even better to wrap yourself into your blankets when it’s actually cold outside. I love that.

4. Hot coco!

One of the very best things is hot chocolate milk with tons of whipped cream and mini marshmallows. My favorite drink for fall. I really like making Starbucks inspired drinks! I might do a post about that soon!


5. Decorating your room fall style.

I love redecorating my room. I do it all the time. But my favorite time to decorate is during fall and winter season. I’m really excited to do some DIY projects for my room!

6. It’s almost Christmas again.

This is actually the number one best thing about fall. It’s almost Christmas. I seriously think that Christmas is the best day of the year. Actually, we have two days of Christmas in the Netherlands. I love those two days. It’s absolutely amazing. I cannot wait until Christmas is there again!


7. Sleeping is way better during fall time.

Sleeping can be quite a struggle during those hot summer nights. When it’s fall it means that temperatures drop, so sleeping will be much better. I love those cozy fall nights.

8. Fall limited editions.

Another amazing thing about fall are the super amazing limited editions. For example the Essence “Hello Autumn” multi color powder and the cute palettes they came out with for fall. I love them!

9. Scented candles.

Oh yeah! I can finally get out my scented candles again. I’m a real candle lover. I especially love my cinnamon candles and my orange musk roses candle.


10. Winter coats and scarfs.

I personally prefer my winter coat over my summer jacket and I love wearing scarfs. I can’t wait for it to be cold enough to wear both of them.

That were in my opinion the 10 best things about fall! Let me know in the comment what your favorite part is about fall!

Pictures used in this article are from Weheatit.com

9 thoughts on “10 Reasons why fall is amazing.

  1. Ik ben het helemaal met je eens! Ik vind de natuur zo ontzettend mooi op dit moment en gelukkig is het weer ook lekker zacht. Ik ben ook dol op de pompoenen en maak er altijd een rond Halloween. ps leuke blog heb je, net ontdekt!


  2. Vroeger had ik een enorme hekel aan de herfst, maar tegenwoordig weet ik ‘m echt te waarderen. Inderdaad om de redenen die jij hierboven opsomt. Plus dat je de mooiste (en kleurrijke) foto’s kunt maken in de herfst.


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