Etos Young Skin Purifying moisturizer

A little while back I purchased a new moisturizer. I wanted to try out a very budget proof one, to see if there’s really a difference between this one and my more expensive one. It’s the Etos Young Skin Purifying moisturizer. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The moisturizer comes in a pretty large tube. It contains 75 ml, which is quite a lot for a moisturizer. The packaging looks pretty good. It’s basic, but pretty. To me, it really looks like it could make your skin look fresh. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but it just looks like that to me.

This moisturizer is for the young skin. Etos claims that their moisturizer will prevent shine and that it will help reduce your pores. It says that it leaves your skin with a “Fresh Look!”. It seems like a great product for me, since my skin can be pretty oily.

But does it really do those things? Well, it kind of does. The consistency is quite fluid, it feels quite light, but it also feels a little bit like a moisturizer that could make my skin oily. That made me quite sceptical about it. After using it a few times, I can now honestly say that there was no reason to be sceptical. This moisturizer doesn’t make my skin look oily. Throughout the day it won’t be super matt, but it won’t be oily too. It’s just a normal amount of shine. As for reducing the size of my pores, I’m not really sure.

As I mentioned before the consistency is quite watery. It’s not a thick cream at all. I think that could be quite a plus for people with oily skin ’cause thick creams are mostly way too oily. Because the moisturizer is so fluid, it’s quickly absorbed into the skin. But besides keeping your skin shine free, Etos also promises you to give you a fresh look. I actually don’t really know what they mean with that, but alrighty. My skin looks just normal after using it. There is not a real difference. It’s not super matt, it’s not really glowy. It looks just nice and moisturized. I think that that is what they mean with a fresh look.

Alltogether I think that this Etos moisturizer is quite a good moisturizer, especially if you look at the price. It’s only €3,99, which is not a lot at all for such a big tube. I don’t really think that it’s better than my La Roche-Posay moisturizer, but it’s also not worse. I think this is a great budgetproof alternative. It’s available at all Etos stores which you can find almost everywhere in the Netherlands. I’m sorry for my non-Dutch readers, but I don’t think you can get it anywhere online.  If I can find it anywhere online, I will put the link in here.

I hope you liked reading this, and let me know in the comments what your favorite moisturizer is.

5 thoughts on “Etos Young Skin Purifying moisturizer

    • Oh nu je het zegt! Ik had ook erg veel goede reviews gelezen over de dagcreme van de hema, ik was eigenlijk helemaal vergeten dat ik die ook nog graag uit wou proberen. Thanks for the reminder haha!


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